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haii ._.  Hey ♡ Instagram has got a lot of hackers and if anything happens to my account i want a backup.. so yeah c; please follow @perf_pranjali


hey guys! I edited this :3
if you like it please follow @perf_pranjali, and if you want Hipster pics, please follow @a_tumblr_galaxyy (:
I really don't know what to do with this account :/ ugh
any suggestions? like, I could do a giveaway or something...
comment your ideas below! -
Pranjali x

I'm listening to the radio and everything has changed just came on and THE RADIO STATION MISSED OUT A WHOLE VERSE I'M SO PISSED but anyway my main account got changed into a Larry account so yeah... uhm idk what to do with this account, any ideas? ~ Pranjali x oh yeah and ask me questions in my ask fm link in Bio(:

{on pic} hey guys!! I managed to get back in!!! yay (:

{ @thg_fanbase} who's your celeb crush? ♥ mine are Alex pettifer, Logan lerman, Josh hutcherson, Max irons, Sam claflin and a couple of others I can't be bothered to name.

hey guys c: so yeah! this is my backup for @a_white_van_drove_up_and because Instagram has been going crazy and deleting accounts and there are a lot of hackers about.. so if you love my account, follow c: oh and i follow back :P

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