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Bruh  😬

Have you ever seen @nikobeck96 and #superman in the same room? 😲 #justsaying #mindblown

Thanks for this wonderful #birthday πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’™ ; #whiteandyellow #imtheonlyblackone

Thanks @the_bowler_10 for the nomination :D So here are #20factsaboutme :
1. I am 17, but I look like 14
2. I'm not even 1.60m yet and probably won't reach them either
3. My last name is Thai, which is a chinese last name, but I am actually vietnamese. Confusing, eh?
4. I am so tanned, that people think I am Filipino
5 I am left-handed, though I brush my teeth with my right hand
6. I love Disney movies and I probably know every existing Disney song by heart
7. One day I'll become a Disney princess
8. I love playing the piano
9. I play League of Legends lel
10. I love my sister more than anything in this world
11. I love the girls on this picture
12. I'd really like to go to Japan again
13. My room is a mess
14. How to train your dragon is one of my favorite movies
15. I am freaking lazy
16. I should be writing my termpapers right now, but instead I'm browsing through instagram
17. Pokemon, Sailormoon, Digimon, One Piece etc. are my childhood
18. Am too lazy to finish
19. Bleh
20. Blah

I nominate the pretty ladies on this picture! :)
Have fun.

There is something better than perfection.
#grafiti in Frankfurt that totally flashed me! #deep #message

Feeling #pretty in a #kimono in #japan :)

At the happiest place on earth!
#Disneyland β™₯ #asian #girls - trying to be #cute

We're singing in the #rain :) #asian #girls #idiots #kyoto #japan

Love this little guy! β™₯
#asian #baby and my #sliteye :D

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