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  [This user does not have a bio.] ...but he's really into yours.


No shirt, no shoes, no service...so I guess everything checks out

I WENT ON A DATE RECENTLY This video... it amuzes me greatly. Link is in my bio, or Youtube: Handsome versus Creepy.

Check out @sightstosounds for pictures of song lyrics!! #sightstosounds #picoftheday #wcw #obama #indie #beauty #music

That's part of an upcoming paid for service

wants to win some makeup...for...someone else, probably. @lacedhair #lacedhair3year

lol cat.

says: An elderly woman in Spain took it upon herself to "restore" a cherished 19th century picture of Christ, in the most unintentionally hilarious way. Kinda sad actually.

@aufibia has a lot of interesting and really beautiful pics. You don't see pictures of underground bunkers and vine encased buildings everyday. Check her out!

couldn't have said it better @staysuspicious. I don't know him, but follow this guy; see what he gets up to.

spotted Walt and Jessie up to old tricks.

began reporting his activities. By the way @__your__mom__ ,I know who you are! Keep a secret for a secret kept. Deal?