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I recently realized a major contributor to my depression has been that I have been giving too much of my attention and energy to people that do not deserve them. Whether it be in person or in comment threads on social media, I became too caught up in debate, in trying to convince others to open their minds and consider perspectives different from their own, and this took me to a dark place. I began to see primarily the ugly side of humanity and this, as you can imagine, is absolutely exhausting. I even saw the true and unfortunately uglier, side of people I once considered friends and willingly opened the door for them to exit. I've learned that I cannot give everything of myself at all times, but rather I must give to those who deserve it, and withhold entirely from those who do not, lest I be left with nothing for myself and those in my life who matter most.. 🌙
Last weekend I believe I had a breakdown, and I became sick earlier this week after being completely sapped of my energy and bled beyond dry. I was still vulnerable after spending all of October in a deep, depressive state, and I, unknowingly, flung myself into a nest of needy, insecure, broken, greedy energy vampires. The following day I felt as if I had the flu, though I am not actually sick. This experience woke me to heart of my struggle, and now that I realize what I must do, I am slowly beginning to feel better.
Don't ever be afraid to give yourself only to what feeds and nurtures your soul. To do otherwise is to die a slow death and to feel every agonizing moment. 🖤

🎶 Well when I called her evil, she just laughed.
And cast that spell on me..
Boo Bitch Craft 🎶
#typeo #typeonegative #allhallowseve #blackno1 #halloween #samhain #witch

Being an empath, in a nutshell..

When people ask how I keep my figure..

I will take my path and leave others to theirs. I cannot force others to view from a different perspective, but I CAN choose to change my immediate world with the love, patience, and understanding that I possess. I will not lower myself to the negative ways of others, but rather rise above them. I am but one person, but at my core I have a heart of gold and my soul is honest and full of light, and THAT is what I choose to impart.

Also, Tolkien makes just about anything better!

Are we there yet? 🕸🕷🦇🐺🎃

PSA: I constantly choose to stay home and work instead of going out because I am building a future for myself, and I can think of a few lovely, LA-based ladies who know exactly what I mean. 🤘🏻
I work myself TO THE BONE. If people don't want to be supportive, that's totally fine! They just better stay the eff out of my way. 😃

Today marks FOUR YEARS together! It hasn't always been easy, we're a pair of hot-headed, stubborn, fire signs, but we have a unique connection that always pulls us back into a happy place. We CONSTANTLY read each others' minds, and often know exactly what the other is about to say. He praises my creative endeavors, and I am his biggest fan. I've never known anyone so accepting of and compatible with my goofiness and silly ways. He holds me when I panic, and dotes on me when my lungs give way. I love him as the man that he is, and nurture the child that lives in his soul. I strive every day to help him be a more positive person. He's a handful! But so am I, and I don't think we'd have it any other way. ❤️♈️♌️

It never fails to surprise and disappoint me at how overvalued physical beauty remains to be. I am of the unshakeable opinion that intellect, integrity, and compassion are FAR more valuable than an attractive face. I won't sit here and pretend that I am not considered physically attractive to some, (everyone is attractive to someone), but truthfully, it holds SO LITTLE weight to my mind. I'd much rather be told that I am intelligent, that I have a good heart, or that I am appreciated as a person. These are statements of value, these are true compliments.
But Natasha, why do you post photos of yourself then?
Simply, because it is expected of me. Because sharing aspects of my life is an important lesson in business 101, and because sometimes, I simply enjoy the image. My appearance, however, is a minuscule element of my overall being.
In the end, it isn't difficult for a physically attractive person to simply BE attractive, it requires next to no effort, it means nothing. But to continue to be kind, loving, compassionate, patient, understanding, and soft-hearted in a world meant to turn you to stone? Well.. that means everything.

Accurate representation of me going to LA clubs 95% of the time. These days I only really go to one particular club every month, and I think we have a PRETTY good idea which club that is. 🔥⛓
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Mood! I spent yesterday in severe pain and I'm a bit out of it today, though quite a bit better. Anyone else have a silly mug collection too? ☕️

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