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This cracks me up every time. It’s how he sleeps 😂

Congratulations @fibertales for the subscribers! I’m sneaking in a little knitting and snuggling before work. We’ve got a little snow and cold weather. I love winter ❄️.

Trying to just relax on a Monday. My husband took kids to their appointments this morning so I could relax. I picked up my favorite snacks. Corned Beef and veggies are in the oven. Watching The Man in the High Castle and enjoying a Guinness. Life can be so very hard sometimes. But, it’s good to talk to others and be reminded that we all struggle in our own places. It’s human to struggle and toil. Sometimes we need some quiet space. Love you all and pray you have a lovely week even if it’s taken day by day and hour by hour.

Anyone else have dogs who only lay down on whatever the kids drop on the floor?

😂 Time to eat

YOU really are the only one who can make YOU happy.
Dinner is served 😳. I normally like to make something special on my nights off. But, I’m so tired. I just couldn’t move most of the day even with coffee.
So many people are not happy. My job is not idea. There are plenty of days I go off to work thinking about my unfinished degree. Just wishing I was sitting in an office or a library and organizing information 🤓. Instead I work in a Grocery store.
People need to smile more. People need to be thankful for what they do have. I hear so many complaints and see so many unhappy people. I think the only thing I can do is try and give people a laugh or a smile.
I’m off to enjoy my dinner alone and watch the potato peel movie 😂

A little preschool work this morning and a fresh donut from our local donut shop!

Starting a Clayoquot hat as a swatch for my sweater. Off to work later but I couldn’t wait! Hopefully I can finish it on my day off and this yarn works. I really like the colors together.

Oh man back to work. Picked up a project to take with me and the needle broke. I really like these needles, too!

Hope your having a lovely morning. It’s my day off check-in 😉. Bodhi is having a snuggly rainy day morning. We had co-op yesterday and I taught the Grade 3/4 a little about Abstract art and we did a project on Kandinsky. Ballet today , grocery shopping, maybe some thrifting and definitely knitting! I’m trying to figure out my next project. I think a #riddari in #lettlopi and some colorwork mitts. Either #selbumittens or #shinemittens! I took a vacation day for tomorrow. So, it’s a three day weekend for me and I hope it’s healing and gets me through the upcoming week.
#knittersofinstagram #bordercollie #workinghomeschoolmom

We found a nice apple surprise from the neighbors 🍏 Going to see if they make a good crisp! I love North Dakota and our lovely neighborhood.

Day off :: Playing at the Park :: Finishing a Sweater :: Pumpkin Spice Popcorn ::

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