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Medical Bills! I took an extra day off since my husband was out of town. Getting ready to put AFO’s on one my kids. Plus, all the therapy co-pays. Just trying to be thankful we can pay for things. Hope you are having a lovely day. Kids are outside since it’s 45 and the snow is pretty much gone. I remember when I thought that was cold 😂

Found some of my favorite brands while thrifting on my day off!! #thriftingforkids #largefamily #largefamilylife #workinghomeschoolmom

Ikea came to me!!!

I didn’t expect to find this in my little town. But, we were planning on doing Japanese Barbecue tonight! The kids have wanted to do it every since they watched it on @lifewhereimfrom.

Good Morning. It’s my last day of the week. I hope you have a great Sunday. I planned to go to church this morning. But, instead we slept in and everyone is going out to enjoy the snow.

Days off :: Daddy put in a new to us dishwasher since our pretty one keeps having problems. The new one is the wrong color but it was cheap and it works. I need to find a way to decorate it so it doesn’t bother me so much. :: kids are coloring while I read their Sonlight books aloud :: Poppy had ballet lessons this morning :: I cleaned out the homeschool closet last night :: I’m going to have Ocean shred the paperwork we don’t need :: Put some potatoes in the Instant pot to eat with last night burrito leftovers :: It was a good couple of days off and a nice start to our week.

My yoga sidekick today. Going to do my #yogawithadriene even if I can only get 30 minutes in.

Listening to #richrollpodcast and putting away the laundry. On 1 January, I turn my hangers around. It’s a really good way to see what your favorites are and what you haven’t been wearing!

Happy New Year!!🎆 We had Thai Food and rented a hotel room. The kids are going to play in the pool and we are hoping to get to see some fireworks!!!

Love you Friends. Hope everyone is going to have a Happy Ending to 2018 and a good start to 2019.

I loved making these socks! Planning to make more for the entire family.

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