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Anyone try the cup method for removing mango from their skins yet? Total game changer for a girl who adores fresh mango. I used to balk at the price of a mango and never a candy bar. What was I thinking?

So yummy! Somehow I managed a three day weekend at the same time as my husband. Tofu and mushroom curry with naan for dinner or Enchiladas. I figured I would just get tomorrow’s dinner over as well. Hope everyone is doing well. We’ve gone swimming and taken walks and cleaned all the bedding. Getting caught up on Dr Who!

This month Inga got a toy! It’s super cute and really well made.
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Happy Mother’s Day! Teaching kids funny things today. It’s super bright out and one do the kids going out to get bagels! I’m off to work in a few hours. But, we are going to hang out and have a relaxed day.

Today was @azurestandard day. I sent my boys because it’s a bit too early for me. They helped unload the truck. I’m so proud of how helpful they are. We got a produce box. Plus, I got extra Kale because they had Dino Kale which is my favorite. But, it’s a lot Kale 😂.

It is apparently extremely difficult to be 2. My goodness. My days are spent chasing this girl around. The boys have her many nights and they need more tools! What are fun things for two year olds to do? I should know but Birdie is a handful. Everything is messy. She could play outside all day long no matter the weather. And, if she doesn’t want to do something she lets the entire block know 😳. I’m thankful for the longer outside days with her. But, we need some more indoor things.

After using parchment for years, I finally bought a silpat.

Another @mealmentor pic. Cookie Dough ONO with banana. Have a wonderful Sunday! The kids, Inga and I are enjoying the sunshine and getting our vitamin D.

Yesterday it was so nice we walked downtown and got some things from our health food store @freshpalate. Also, suckers to make the walk home easier. I really love living in this small town. But, there are places that make it a little bit easier. I wish I had taken pics on the inside yesterday because there was a freezer case marked VEGAN. How cool is that in North Dakota. Hope your Spring is treating you nicely. All I can think about now is gardening. I just wish I had thought about it sooner.

Canjun Burgers tonight for dinner. I was able to get Japanese and purple sweet potatoes. So, pretty potatoes on the side. Thanks @mealmentor for making meals a whole easier and tastier.

It’s beautiful here today. Like a real Spring day. I have the day off. So, we are playing outside instead of me running off to work. Got some knitting time in and put on some Relax Synergy from @planttherapy

My period is coming and I either become weepy or introspective. I 🤔 that is the best word to describe it.
I have a really difficult time watching people make dumb choices. I don’t tend to save them because I watched that happen to much in my life. It just hurts to watch and I wish they knew they didn’t have to do that. There really is a Love that transcends our stupidity. I would love to hear how you let go of that stuff. I know I sometimes pray, read my scriptures, make myself busy or literally blow deep breathes out to expel that “energy”.

Year 22 is apparently the year of the thermostat😂

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