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💫Je t'aime.. || fb+spam.  “ I took away a girl's life for I was too afraid to love her. ” —un homme que j'aie aimé.🌹 Writer📝. Ideologist💡. 📍Gone.


she doesn't feel
like herself
she was different
now she is
like a watered down
pale and thin.
she slips through
the cracks, unnoticed.
she fades onto the
afraid of saying
the wrong thing.
she grows sharp edges
and won't let anyone
get close to her.
she doesn't know
how she came to be
like this,
how she ended up here.
she only remembers
the way she used to be :
wild and reckless,
bold and free.
—lang leav. // the girl she was.
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there was a time
I told you
of all that ache inside ;
the things I held so sacred,
to all the world I'd hide.
but they became your weapons,
and slowly I have learnt,
the less that is said the better,
the lesser I'll be hurt.
of all you used against me,
the worst has been my words.
there are things I'll never tell you
and it is sad to think so ;
the more you come
to know me—the lesser
you truly know.
—lang leav. // all or nothing.
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she moved on and..
I guess I feel sorry for you
because she thought you were the most amazing boy ever,
to the point I believe
if she could have had any guy
in the entire world,
she would have still pick you.
as you took what was left of you and her,
you became her past.
like a memory
fading everyday,
our souls and hearts parting
from each other.
at some point though,
she will find another man,
a new you,
and he will make her the happiest girl ever.
from this day on,
my words spoken
out loud,
I must admit
I'm curious to know
who wins.
—s.b. // our game.
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I need feminism
because it's acceptable to call me a slut.
I need feminism
because it's okey for guys to slap my butt.
I need feminism
because it's my fault if a man rapes me.
I need feminism
because I should look good for men to see.
I need feminism
because people think it's ‘anti-men.’
I need feminism
because I can't do things that men can.
I need feminism
because girls think it's cool to shame each other.
I need feminism
because the world has higher hopes for my brother.
I need feminism
because I'm automatically considered ‘weak.’
I need feminism
because if I act masculine I'm a ‘freak.’
I need feminism
because my boobs are my ‘best quality.’
I need feminism
because I believe in equality.
—power to the pen. // change we need.
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the sun hid her face
in the clouds.
she didn't want the world
to see her cry.
her teardrops burned holes
in the horizon.
she turned around,
facing the glass taped to the wall,
and I looked back.
seeing her,
knowing her,
being her,
that's when I knew.
I guess she knew that, too.
that she had lost her desire
to shine.
—s.b. // burning for this world.
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you didn't love
her. you just didn't
want to be alone.
or maybe, just
maybe, she was
good for your ego,
or maybe she made
you feel better about
your miserable life ?
but, either way, you
didn't love her,
because you don't
destroy the people
you love.
—grey's anatomy. // no love ; no life.
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I'm too shy
to tell you
how I feel.
so I'll hide behind
timid smiles and
soft hellos.
I'm afraid that
if I ask
‘what do you think
of me ?,’
you'll reply
‘I just don't.’
—m.k. // fantasizes of mine.
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darling, he doesn't care. he doesn't think of you at night, he doesn't see your face in a crowded room. he forgot the colour of your eyes, even though he told you he never saw something that beautiful. he doesn't talk about you and about how bad he misses you. he doesn't remember what it feels like to bond with you. sweetie, he doesn't care about you, and you chasing him, only makes his ego bigger and your pride smaller. he doesn't love you anymore.. I'm so sorry. I really am.
—{@}written-on-polaroids. // let him go.
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you are not mine,
but sometimes,
I pretend that you wish you were.
I create this idea
you secretly want me..
and I often forget
it's just something
I've made up.
you do not want me
and you are not mine.
—m.k. // waking up to hug you.
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I wish I could rid myself of the parts of me
begging for understanding.
I desire an answer to the simple, yet complicated, question
‘why her and not me ?’
I like to think there are no answers,
that it was never about me.
you simply chose to be with her
and I was just an innocent casualty.
but when I see you,
walking in the hallway,
it doesn't explain why it's her instead of me.
when you hold her hand,
when you text her goodnight,
when you kiss her lips
and play with her hair,
it still doesn't explain why it's her instead of me..
when I recall
the moment you chose her over me,
I can't help
but ask myself
what is wrong with me ;
overanalyze my components,
peace by peace,
in an attempt to figure out
which fault of mine led you
to that choice.
though I always fail to remember
that you choosing to be with her
says so much more about you
than it ever did of me.
—s.b. // me and you and her..
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it is sad
some people aren't
waiting for their
happy ending
they're just
waiting for
the harsh end.
—s.b. // you don't love me.
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I'm tired of crying,
I'm tired of yelling,
I'm tired of being sad,
I'm tired of pretending,
I'm tired of being alone,
I'm tired of being angry,
called crazy,
I feel stuck with myself,
I'm tired of needing help,
and of remembering..
through remembrance,
I miss things.
I'm tired of being different..
I get attached easily ;
I miss people.
my world is hopeless ;
empty inside.
I just cannot let go..
and there's no go back,
in this life, you must accept
you can't start all over.
but most of all,
I'm tired of wishing a life
I will never have.
—s.b. // I'm tired.
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