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Ali Mackinney  Hairstylist @hairbyallysonmackinney 💇 🐶 mom to Rascal, Zoey & Nug ❤️ @eddiemonster_bracamontes

You + me @eddiemonster_bracamontes . I wouldn’t want to hang around any other Orange, smelly, hangry man 😂😘

Your drive, discipline, and passion is unmatched. You never cease to amaze me my love, I’ll forever be your #1 fan ❤️ @eddiemonster_bracamontes #arnoldsouthamerica

The countdown is on, Athlete meeting done , one round of tan done , now feet up relaxing for @eddiemonster_bracamontes ❤️

Leaving for 🇧🇷 tomorrow for @eddiemonster_bracamontes first show of the year . Let’s do this babe ! So proud of you ❤️

Hair transformation from today - color + Extensions . See more @hairbyallysonmackinney

Everything we need to know about love we can learn from dogs ❤️ be affectionate, have fun, leave no grudges and always love unconditionally 💕❤️


Nike still sponsors Michael Vick ? Wow. How is that a role model ? Shame on you #Nike . Lance Armstrong and tiger woods both lost their contracts but this pos animal abuser still has his . Disgusting . #nomorenike #pitbulladvocate #bandogfighting . Share if you agree !

Little Zoey Bear ❤️

All you need is love ❤️ even though she catfished us 😂 her intake picture vs. now. I saw her picture online while I was at work and my clients color was processing , like I do everyday, I asked @eddiemonster_bracamontes to go get her , and he did lol . Happy wife = happy life. And now lil nug is his favorite . ❤️ #adoptdontshop

From shelter dog to model 😂 happy anniversary lil nug! We loveeeeee you #adoptdontshop

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