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Ali Mackinney  Hairstylist @hairbyallysonmackinney 💇 🐶 mom to Rascal, Zoey & Nug ❤️ @eddiemonster_bracamontes

Let’s help some dogs find their forever homes ! ❤️ or even a foster home ! Fostering allows the dogs to decompress from the shelter environment and really helps in finding the perfect match for the dogs long term. Once they decompress their personality can really shine. If you have any questions feel free to message me ! I volunteer at the @sdhumanesociety ! Please share !!!


You + me @eddiemonster_bracamontes . I wouldn’t want to hang around any other Orange, smelly, hangry man 😂😘

Your drive, discipline, and passion is unmatched. You never cease to amaze me my love, I’ll forever be your #1 fan ❤️ @eddiemonster_bracamontes #arnoldsouthamerica

The countdown is on, Athlete meeting done , one round of tan done , now feet up relaxing for @eddiemonster_bracamontes ❤️

Leaving for 🇧🇷 tomorrow for @eddiemonster_bracamontes first show of the year . Let’s do this babe ! So proud of you ❤️

Hair transformation from today - color + Extensions . See more @hairbyallysonmackinney

Everything we need to know about love we can learn from dogs ❤️ be affectionate, have fun, leave no grudges and always love unconditionally 💕❤️

Nike still sponsors Michael Vick ? Wow. How is that a role model ? Shame on you #Nike . Lance Armstrong and tiger woods both lost their contracts but this pos animal abuser still has his . Disgusting . #nomorenike #pitbulladvocate #bandogfighting . Share if you agree !

Little Zoey Bear ❤️

All you need is love ❤️ even though she catfished us 😂 her intake picture vs. now. I saw her picture online while I was at work and my clients color was processing , like I do everyday, I asked @eddiemonster_bracamontes to go get her , and he did lol . Happy wife = happy life. And now lil nug is his favorite . ❤️ #adoptdontshop