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Michael Allsop  Life is too short to stay in one place ✈️ 📍Whistler 📷🌎

A train wreck, a symbolic representation of my first month in Whistler

Only managed to get one photo before my camera died 🤦🏻‍♂️ Winter is coming!!

Oh the hunt for that perfect 🎃

Applying for permanent residency..... likely to have an excitement attack when the snow arrives 😂

Want to know how to ruin a quiet, peaceful, beautiful Cenote? Invite me 😂

Adios amigos!✌🏼Time goes so fast when you’re travelling 😭 Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize and Mexico. Unfortunately, I had to skip Nicaragua given the political unrest at the time but have managed to survive (debatable) against the odds 😂 I can’t put the last few months into words.... So many experiences, stories, laughs, hangovers and memories or lack thereof 🤦🏻‍♂️ Big thanks to everyone I have travelled with and met along the way! ❤️ Swapping the golden sand beaches for snow covered mountains which is going to be a shock to the system! Me and my moustache are heading up to Whistler for a season 🏂 I know a lot are in and around maple land so shout out for poutine and beers 🍻

Kiwis can fly! 😂

When you don’t take yourself too seriously, life becomes seriously more fun! Semuc antics and a sketchy rope swing 😂

5 days left in Central America... My tears have contributed to the rising levels of Lake Bacalar for sure 😭

Freediving with manatees was so cool, lucky enough to see 3 together!

Anyone who’s stayed here will understand the carnage that unfolds, it’s in the name 🍻

Not going out tonight, not going out tonight. *Hears a beer being opened 🍻

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