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Avery Harrison  I'm just kickin ittt

Mom just wanted "gluten-free" pizza and she's feeling pretty good about it apparently lol! I love you mom a lot, you're special

i cant say my hand has ever cramped as bad as today lol...

I can't say im too sure on a color yet.... 🤔😬

see ya next year LA

just had to check it out for the one time #supreme

Vegas Views

@jfunk2012 was hucking for the stars in sub-Antarctic temperatures lol! #Frothy #SOclose

Well, i started a company known as the Restoration Development Group with my dad and this is our first house that we are going to flip! Sadly, dad was being to lazy and wouldn't come take a picture with me haha 🙃🤗 Restoration Development Group is a house flipping/property development business and on top of that i will also be a real estate agent selling my homes that I flip and other peoples homes as well. I'm looking forward to learning the processes and mistakes along the way, so let's ride and get it going!

Holding on harder to that rock than my hopes of the falcons winning the super bowl! #RISEUP #DirtyBirds #Bouldering #RockClimbing #SuperBowl #BandwagonFan

Another climbing vid lol.. End of the day roof burn.. didn't finish but maybe tomorrow!#SportClimbing #RoofClimbing

a little crushing today #Bouldering #Rocks #Climbing

I love snowboarding, the first few days of 2017 was done right! #ParkCity #Powder #LostInTheSauce

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