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Avery Harrison  ⠀Co-Owner of Restoration Development Group ⠀🛠Renovation | Development | Home Flips🏡 ⠀Real Estate Agent w/ PalmerHouse Properties

I'm sorry to break the internet/your timeline with an ABSOLUTE flames 🔥 post like this.. I had to do it to you all! But yes, those are #FratCleats. Now I know what you're thinking. "Avery how could you do this? It goes against everything you stand for! For God sakes you have frosted tips!!" And you're right.. however, I've come to terms with this phrase known as "#BusinessCasual". It's been a hard journey but im finally ready to take that next step. Ladies, if you would just send your prayers and encouragement into my DM's that would be awesome. Guys.. well just stay out of my DM's. LOLOL #ImGoingToDeleteThis #Maybe #ButTheShoesAreStaying

Been a minute..

Well, my first house flip with Restoration Development Group is done! I wanted to push content along the way of this process but sadly dropped my phone in water 😅 and lost all my pictures. Sometimes you just catch an L and that's alright. I learned a lot and would choose this over a desk-job any day of my life haha! Be on the look out for the next one... because we just bought it!!!

Ayeee it's your birthday Macey 🎉!! So here's a pic you looking like your about to curve 3 dudes before you even made it to kindergarten that day.. 😂 #ThatTableClothSkirtTho #BiggerTheCollerBiggerTheBaller .. pull up, skrrt off. haha I love you

Just a few throwbacks of dad. As I've gotten older I've grown to love my dad more and the role he has played in my life. He has shown me how to remain steadfast and when I'm not he has shown me how to make some major comebacks.. so shouts out to you pops.

*Ques Despacito on loop all day.*

Dad's out here catching absolute hammers 👀...

That's a good looking day on the lake right there!

I'm FINALLY a licensed real estate agent! It's been a few months in the works but Im excited that i can sell my own homes that I flip. Also, i get to work with people on a daily basis helping them along their journey with their families growing into a home or helping them sell one with all the sentimental memories they brought along the way. If you need any help finding or selling a home don't be afraid to give me a call or shoot me a message! I'd love to work with you.

It's been a good year so far and Kalpak im glad you've been apart of it. You have impacted me, these dudes, and a whole lot more.. i'm thankful for your perseverance man. Keep it rowdy!

Mom just wanted "gluten-free" pizza and she's feeling pretty good about it apparently lol! I love you mom a lot, you're special

i cant say my hand has ever cramped as bad as today lol...

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