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How to eat well ~
Drink plenty of water
Eat lots of fruits
Don't skip meals!! Try and stay fresh!!
Thanks babes hope I helped x

Makeup tutorials:
Exfoliate ~ make sure there is no dead skin on you face or neck or else your makeup will turn dark in that spot and look tacky
Foundation ~ If you're fortunate and don't have many pimples, use a BB cream or Nude tinted moisturizer - it's hydrating and a bit of light coverage.
On the other hand, if you think you need a bit more coverage, maybe use Revlon or Napoleon Perdis foundation that matches your skin colour and complexion.
Eyes ~ for a flattering look, only put subtle colours on for every day stuff; apply a very light brown as a base colour and top it off with light browns or a very light pink. Don't pump your mascara or it will dry out! Use EstΓ©e Lauder or Maybelline mascara for no clumps! For winged eyes, use black liquid eye liner and q-tips to get rid of mess.
Lips ~ use a toothbrush to cure chapped lips and lightly run it over them. To hydrate your lips and man them super attractive, get some Baby Lips and use it before you apply lipstick or whenever your lips feel dry. Use a good brand of lipstick like EstΓ©e Lauder or Revlon for an irresistible touch!
Hope this helped you out!
Thanks babes πŸ’•

I have an idea -
Feeling social can be difficult, whether you're a boy or girl.
Step 1: feel confident by dressing to impress, but don't overdo it. Present yourself nicely and keep hygienic!
Step 2: make THEM feel good about themselves and listen to your friends, but don't be afraid to say how you feel or to join in on the convo!
Final step: smile! It makes you happy and makes you better to be around! When you are happy, you are more like yourself, right?
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I have an idea -
Don't go into it thinking a new bod is impossible to get, 'cause if you really want it, you'll get there!
Do sports! It's fun and good for you! Find a sport that you like and stick with it.
If you do a sport then you should train for it so you get better and just do it!
Finally, eat a balanced diet. Don't starve yourself! Just eat healthily. You can still eat sugar, just not too much. ~Hope this helped babes, spread the word~

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