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Aidan J Carrasquel  I love art of all kinds This is the only account I, Aidan Carrasquel, am using.

Look at this lil baby

I was feeling nostalgic and looking through a lot of my photos from my Rock days and found these incredible memories with my first Pawtna Abby💙 I’m loving and missing you big! A huge thank you to mama Jan for making our costumes for La Fille Mal Gardee and another huge thank you to Mariaelena for setting and coaching us through the whole process. Also, thank you so much for capturing this shot from our time on stage, Vikki! There are a couple shots from that day that you caught that I fell in love with.💜Very special memories to me. I’m thinking of you all a little extra today.
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Haven’t pulled this out of my bag of tricks since I was back in school at @rockschooldance ! Kinda hard to film in this studio, but thank you @mikestarwalker ! I was pleasantly surprised that I landed it after so much time. My bandaids are poppin’ off.

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Double tour fifth to fifth (striving for perfection so I’d love some corrections!!) and some Spanish sauce. Thought it was kinda funny in slow mo😂
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En Dedans Double Tour for Spanish flare in Nutcracker. This is how you know you’re doing it right haha! It’s alllllll good, it really be like that some times 🤷🏽‍♂️ time to shave... LOL
Having a lot of fun gearing up for Nutcracker this year! Performances at the Tobin Center in San Antonio from November 23rd-December 2nd!
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I’m so grateful to be able to smile again. I still don’t have feeling in about 60-75% of my jaw, which hurts my heart, but I’m so glad I’m able to use it at about 100% !! Thank you to everyone who followed my journey, I’m so thankful for the love and support! HAPPY HALLOWEEN ☺️ Photographed by @garyperkins
Courtesy of @balletsa
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So incredibly proud!! Oly just tore the runway UP!!! Incredible job, and a huge congratulations to Creators Mel and Kayla! Great venue and great show! Great time to unveil my new hair lol, can’t wait to see more of my beautiful girl on the Catwalk!!

I’ve been working hard everyday! Finally getting some flexibility and strength back. Wearing my #Zebra socks to bring awareness and support to #invisibleillness and #ehlersdanlossyndrome . Not many understand the challenges of overcoming the extra scar tissue #EDS creates. Each surgery I’ve faced has taught me how resilient I need to be. I’m grateful to those who support me and as I come to know myself and my body, I truly value my physical and emotional strength that this illness has taught me. So big shout out to all of those #InvisibleWarriors , you’re not alone and you’re not weak.

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I got up to 148 lbs before my surgery because I knew I would lose weight although I didn’t anticipate I would lose 37 lbs.. The liquid diet I was on was awful. I barely ate at all the first 3 weeks. I was cleared to eat solid foods about a little over a month ago and I was cleared to work out (slowly) about 3 weeks ago. I’ve been going to the gym almost everyday! I’m happy to say that I’m sitting at 126 lbs now!! I’ve gained about 20 lbs!! In a way it was nice to lose all of that way, because now I can build it all back the way I want and truly sculpt my bod. Looking forward, I’m not done yet 💪🏽☺️

So I’m not entirely sure why this is happening but someone made a fake account and has been harassing my friends and claiming to be me. This is the only account I use on instagram. Don’t believe any other account. I’m sorry for all the confusion. Please don’t encourage or respond to this account. On a much much lighter note, I am so blown away by the incredible support and love I feel from everyone! I love y’all so much, it really builds me up and makes me believe in myself. (Something I desperately need) seriously, thank y’all so much.

I’ve been extremely camera shy lately. On April 2nd I had a total reconstructive jaw surgery. My TMJ on my right side continued to grow when my left side stopped and there wasn’t a clear indication when it would stop growing. My incredible surgeon told me that the best course of action would be to cut out the joint completely, give me a prosthetic, saw my upper jaw and level it, break my lower jaw in two places, straighten my chin, and to wire it all shut post surgery. I was in excruciating pain before the surgery and loosing feeling in the right side of my body. My jaw had overgrown so much that it was starting to pinch certain things.. Needless to say, I was also in excruciating pain post surgery lol... I never wanted to change anything for any cosmetic reason, but this was a necessary step for good health. I’m recovering steadily but still in a lot of pain. The swelling has gone down drastically but I still hate having my photo taken. I’ll will keep you all updated on my recovery. I’m so looking forward to getting back in shape and getting back in the studio! The dance floor misses me, I can feel it! 😉 thank you all for your love and support.

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