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"Acquir" - 120 x 90 cm.
In front of it beautiful ceramics from @severjstudio and @adatuncer.
Thanks @ambidexter.xyz and @bougie_little_bed_head 👋

Collages i did for the group show at @ambidexter.xyz opening.
50x70cm each.
Exhibition still open until end of April!

"Pollaio" - 135x98 cm mixed techniques on paper.
A present for my Papà :)

"The, oldest, story"
Percorso, Toscana 2017

I'll be part of this tonight with bunch of great people. If you're in Istanbul come by say ciao and mamma mia 🇹🇷🌌 @ambidexter.xyz

Part of my personal project Percorso.


Some years ago I started an intimate project in Tuscany. Is a path marked by installations and painting through the area of Apuan Alps thought as a journey from civilization until nature and slow life.
You can find more on @gorgogram and his ( brand new ) website.
Ciao 🌌

If you see it quickly is donald duck

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