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Samoa, Congo and Bear  Love Is Everyhair. 🇵🇹 ❤️ Congo, Samoa and Bear ❤️ @tail_wag -SAMOA for 10%off #abunchofdogs

Beauty comes from the inside.
Inside a good hair salon!!! 😅

Happy Family day.
Enjoy some of the little elements of our crazy big pack.

❤️ Remember, as far as anyone knows we're a nice normal Family. ❤️
@tail_wag gear 😍

No to abandonment.
Yes to love.

My friends are cooler than yours - said Bear.
Have a great Sunday ( our morning was amazing as you can see ❤️ )
Go take a look at their accounts:

What's your dog's favourite sport?
Me - Does being weird count as a sport if they are really really good at it? 😅
Noah with the lifesaver collar with handle from @julius.k9.the.original

Most - no dogs - people don't understand why the hell we love these bringers of fur so much.
But I do not even know how someone can really live without a dog.
They can be such assholes it is true and get us on our toes every single second of a day, but they bring so much light into our monotonous lives.

⭐ Feed your wanderlust ⭐
Make now the moment you wanted to live in the future.
Collar and eco tag from the magnificent @tail_wag

We don't know how long we'll live, we don't know how we'll be tomorrow or in a year. But one thing we know.
We are one with Nature.

When all else fails take a sink bath.

Happy Mother's day to all you crazy momma's out there.
We don't know who Samoa's mum was/is so as we do believe that what makes a mother is the ability to love and educate we say that Samoa's heart mother is Xena.
Not only was Xena one of the dogs who disciplined Samoa, she is quite similar to her. But Xena has a much bigger and important role in Samoa's life... It was when I ( Paula ) started to know and interact and fall in deep love with Xena that I woke up to my , let's call it, Bully breeds calling.
Because I loved Xena so much we started doing campaigns for Pit bulls ( and falling in love with a lot of them in the process ) but also, when we were told Samoa was a Pit Bull mix it was not a problem, it was almost an advantage.
So Happy Day sweet and wonderful Xena, we miss you like the desert misses the rain and we love you like... We love you!

May the Fourth be with you ( and a dog too )

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