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Samoa, Congo and Bear  Love Is Everyhair. 馃嚨馃嚬 鉂わ笍 Congo, Samoa and Bear 鉂わ笍 @tail_wag -SAMOA for 10%off #abunchofdogs

She's beautiful and she nose it.

Hoppy Easter peeps 鉂わ笍
( See what I did there? 馃悋 )

Not everything the light touches is yours.
You do not own the planet so protect it with every fiber of your being.
There's no planet B.

I'll always love you like it's the beginning.

We missed last week's #muttclothtalks but we wanted to talk about it ( if you don't already follow @muttcloth and this hashtag you can't imagine what you are missing out ).
The theme was more or less traits that you like or dislike on your dogs.

I have to talk about Samoa.
When we adopted her she was very shy near strangers, which was normal because she was rescued with an unclear past. We did work a lot on making her like people and 2 months after adopting her she was already super at ease with people. The problem is... We shouldn't have done it so intensely because... She became CRAZY about people.
She literally freaks out if someone just looks at her and doesn't pet her ( well it's no so insane as I'm writing but it's the feeling). Yesterday we came by a human couple and as they were petting all the dogs Samoa was already sitting in the girl's lap and they fell in love with her, mostly because she wanted to go with them as they went away.
We love that about her, that she went from being afraid to a point where she thinks all humans are amazing.
That being said... This trait of her's is a bitch too... Mainly because if there are people around and she wants their attention she will not listen or pay any attention to us. We do control her with a lot of training and if she is in train mode already she will obey, but only if she is on that mode level before getting in the mood for human love.
If in one hand we love our little love bug on the other we almost hate she loves all humans as much as us 馃槄

Does your dog have a better/worse thing?


Cat Yoga newbies.
#dogyoga #yogacat

If 20 years ago someone told me I would have 3 amazing dogs whom I love with all my heart ( it's more of a brain and hormone thing but you get what I mean ) I would not believe it.
I wanted one dog that I could take everywhere. Now I go everywhere with 3 dogs and people think I'm insane. Life is funny isn't it?
Nevertheless, planned or not ( ding ding ding on the not ) we feel lucky everyday for having crossed each other's paths.
Have an amazing Sunday funday.
"Flowers" from @terrarea_

Are you okay for yet another Winter is coming post?
( I think that if Lady Gaga was more into animal life awareness this would totally be an acceptable look for her )

Dressed by fake IKEA fur 馃槑

鉁达笍 What can I give that is all for you? My heart's no good 'cause it's split in two 鉁达笍
#adorable_animals #meowsandwoofs

Hello New Followers.
Don't get confused with the high number of different animals that appear here. Here's some help 馃榿
In the first pic you have the main amazing beings, our three dogs and the cat, from left to right - Congo, Samoa, Bear and Odda ( curiously by age and adoption order ).
In the second photo you have Noah, the most happy Great Dane you'll meet, she is a good friend's dog ( she is like 33% ours too 馃槑 ).
Than you have Charlie and Foxy, the cutest ( and craziest ) duo you'll meet ( they are also a but ours, 40% Charlie and like 20%Foxy 馃槀 )
On the 4th photo you have our other favourite trio - Balla, Bubba and Bono. They are my uncles dogs and we are their doggodmother and doggodfather ( look it up, it should exist if it doesn't yet ).
On the 5th it's Pyro, our super sweet and super weird border that we have sometimes here, she is only like 5% ours in reality but we like to fool ourselves into thinking she is like 80% ours.
These are the most frequent dogs ( and cat ) but there are A LOT more that pop by, but we are here to talk ( our hearts off ) about them all so no worries 馃槉

Life isn't fireworks they say.
But it is, the most beautiful fireworks you will ever watch.
She is turning 6 in 15 days and I can't still believe how lucky I was adopting her.
Swipe left to see Samoa by the time she was rescued from the street by @adoptanos.pt . She was a very sad pup ( had multiple health problems so it is understandable ) but she was always sweet.

No cherry blossoms no problem.
Bear Blossom photos is the new trend now 馃榿馃惢馃惥馃尯馃尲
New purr_ple lilac collar from our dear friends from @tail_wag

The only way to start a Tuesday with a smile.
Odda. Bear. Hannah. ( It sounds like an artsy name )

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