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Amanda Nienburg  Dude, whatever.

Flaws and filters.

Listen. I know I’m an emotional person; blessing or a curse, whatever you may deem. What I tell you is probably nothing. What I show you; is probably how I’m feeling 99.9% of the time, with your feelings amplified by infinite. I apologize if I’m “off”, but was always. I know that about me. What will never change is my big heart despite a feeling. Simply put. And that’s what my grandmother taught me, one of many things she has taught me. When I think of her there are so many good things, the one thing I would like to honor her on is: Love in a general term, but the biggest term if that makes sense. I miss her everyday and it’s been a few years, but there literally is not a day that goes by that I don’t relate to her, recognize her, share her beauty, think about her and what she would have wanted to guide me with, she’s always here. But so far away. Grateful still that she’s always there when I need. May not be physically, but she’s here. And I hope to be half the woman you are. You are everything. I love you MawMaw. Always. Thank you so much, for you... I have to end it here 💜

Always look for #Orion 🌌 💜

Investigations with Charlie


Hola, it’s me #theshining

SpoOoOoky. lol, thanks darkside for scaring the shit out of me. It was amazing. Bye. #fullmoon

Thank you for being the best brother & friend, bro. 🏒

Lmfao lemme be petty for one second


😊 👻

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