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Avenged Sevenfold β™₯  Legends like Jimmy will never die! β™₯ A7X foREVerβ™₯ Kik us: ~I β†’a7x_forever28 & ~Pβ†’bakerxfoREVer Please check ↓this link↓out β™₯


Hey, sorry guys for not posting.. things changed a lot, it got very different. Ina has so much stress in school, and i was in a psychiatry and i quit school. I hope you guys are not mad at us, we still love you :) Enjoy a very nice pic of matt and syn πŸ˜‰ ~P. #avengedsevengold #matthewcharlessanders #matt #mshadows #synystergates #brianhanerjr #a7x #foREVer

'Sup guys? I know I haven't posted in a while (sorry), but if any of you are interested in comic stuff (Marvel & DC, manly Marvel though) you should follow @comics_5ever , because the admin puts so much effort into every post and I think he deserves a lot more followers plus he's hosting a tournament called #marvelolympics which is a lot of fun. So go check @comics_5ever out !!! ~I.

School has been really shit lately ._.
But Matt and Corey are amazing 😍 ~I

Cuties 😊 ~I

Blurry Synacky 😍 ~I

Young Bribri πŸ™Œ ~I

Look at these adorable little freaks 😊 ~I

Really really old picture (sorry about the blurriness)
Btw I don't how often I'll be able to post during this month, because there's a lot of school stuff I need to focus on, I hope you understand ~I

So guys, what are your favourite bands beside A7X? :) ~I

How are you guys doing? I love to interact with you all 😊 ~I

Johnny could be one of the boys of the video (no offence) πŸ˜‚ ~I

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