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A7 International  🔹Bar Grip™ 🔹OX™ Compression 🔹XO™ Spandex 🔹ONE™ Wrist Wraps Knee Sleeves 🔹Bare™ Underwear 🔹Soul™ Footwear 🔻USA 🔻Europe 🔻Asia 🔻Oceania


Bar Grip 3.0
Everyone that owns this incarnation of Bar Grip owns a piece of our lineage. Since the 3.0, we've improved the quality of the Bar Grip, the materials of the shirt, and our packaging for a premium experience.
Join the lineage. Early August.

We were tired of Spandex not living up to our expectations. --------------------------------------------------------
The A7 XO Spandex shorts won't ride up during your squats. They lived up to our expectations and we want to share them with you. Available early August.

Special Announcement!
Atlanta we need you! A7 is searching for male and female models in the Atlanta area in preparation for our restock. You will receive and be shot in all the clothing and equipment dropping during the restock and have dinner with the team😊 Thank you and have a great night!
Direct message us if you are interested in modeling for us! Thank you so much fam.
-Andre Caoili A7 Social Media Director.

We need your help. Look out for an announcement tonight at 9pm EST.

Patiently waiting for the restock...
We are just as excited for the restock as you are. Make sure to mark your calendars when we announce the date, because we will be dropping EVERYTHING at once. *the restock is targeted for early August.

The new and improved meet shirts will not disappoint. ----------------------------------------------------
The first version meet shirts were printed on simple cotton shirts that did not last long. The new version is printed on premium quality shirts that will be able to withstand many washes without losing integrity.

All of our products are designed to serve more than a single purpose. When you put on anything made from us we want you to feel the quality and enjoy the extra features we have added to our products.
A7 Shorts featuring a keychain attachment.

That moment you realize how well the front squat grip works😳
Front squat shirts, A7 Knee sleeves, and the "Stone" bar grip full will be dropping soon.

Wherever you are in life, make sure you take time out of your day to do what you love 🇺🇸
Never Stop the Progress.

Stealth. Sleek, yet eye catching.
Which Bar Grip Full will you pick when the restock hits?

Look to the future, live in the present, learn from the past.

The A7 XO Spandex will not ride up during your squats. Witness the evolution of Spandex.

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