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Anthony Spooner  Yes, I'm black. Yes, I love it. No, I'm not cuting my hair ♏ Positive thinking realist. Verbal exhibitionist. Truth seeker. FL✈ NY


Via: @raspy_rawls Slavery is still so common in #Louisiana.. Growing up Eye thought it was normal so Eye never recognized it as SLAVERY.. But in 2017 As a #Louisiana Native Eye can tell you SLAVERY is full fledge on and thriving in My State.. If the Plantation Houses still align your MAIN STREET.. Everything behind yall is the PLANTATION.. But We INDIGENOUS TO AMERICA THO.. via @17thsoulja5 #Repost with @Repostlyapp Don’t be fooled. Slavery never ended. Watch as Sheriff Steve Prattor of Caddo Parish, Louisiana gives the REAL reason why he likes to keep “good” Black men in prison.
@shaunking #pausenetwork #UpCommunity

Fact... That was trash. Way too many artists have been saying fk trump with impeccable delivery for way too long for all y'all to hop on em dick. FOH. @mysonnenygeneral been had it @davidbannerlikespictures been on it too. I'm positive theres a local artist to you that has said fk trump with better rhyme scheme​ than that. I like em but that was garbage.

Word?? Where she at though?? #ScorpioSeasonIsComing #ILBB

I want you to imagine how the survivors of Vegas feel. Imagine how vunerable and paranoid they must be now. Imagine how this trauma will effect them fo the rest of their lives. Now imagine if you had experienced something similar every day of your life, as well as being told it's your fault and it's for your own good somehow. That's what the police and military do to brown people every day since this countries inception.
Good morning by the way... #ILBB #BlackMentalHealthIsImportant #YouGood

I really wrote like 4 paragraphs and deleted it... I'ma keep this simple... Telling black and brown people to not be pissed about systemic racism, to "calm down", or in any way not express negative emotion is no different than telling a rape victim to not be pissed when a rapist gets off or how the trauma effects their lives. No debate.

We're not out here murdering white people across the world because we see them as less than human. We're not stealing land and forcing white countries that don't agree with us into economic ruin while enslaving their people and stealing resources. We're not shooting white people in the street and going on vacation...
We're calm. We might not be forever though. Choose a side.
Now lemme get this angle right for this selfie and get my pumpkin coffee. Selfecare is important.

#DontTellMeToSmileDoSomethingFunny #ILBB #MelaninMagic #BlackMentalHeathMatters #BlackMen
#BlackWomen #PumpkinSpiceBitches

The look on your face when your 6'5 frame and big hair both facinates and scares white people. 😂 Who got free coffee today?? I'm basic af. #PumpkinSpice on deck! 😋 #BlackBoyJoy #ILBB #MelaninMagic #BlackHairMagic #InternationalCoffeeDay #BlackMen #BlackMen
Oh and #ScorpioSeasonIsComing

She asked if we where getting together today & I told her I have to wash my hair... She didn't believe me. #KanyeShrug #BlackHairMagic #ILBB #MelaninMagic #BlackMen #BlackWomen #TeamNatural

Yo WTF kinda... I hope he gets raped. Deadass though. This is disgusting...

😂 I might have to hop on Twitter finally... #ILBB

This really is us though... Don't have to like what the next one does in order to realize that we're on the same team. But we're too emotional to act accordingly. SMH... #ILBB #WeAllWeGot

Interesting how #brainwashing and #materialism works...

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