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UK Game of Clones... conditioning at its finest #humancloning @dominicjeromek

Nothing to see here

Crazy that you can clearly see the 'storm' moving across the sky.. the side that's not completely blacked out is covered chems till it gets there #haarp

Such bullshit man, legalize the green ๐Ÿ’š

@alvi_5d @ziplockm8
#endthedrugwar #freetheweed

@@siriusknowledge - I confirm this post.
I've experienced the same thing recently , 2-3 days ago I noticed the same kind of fiber snow falling and I made a video about it because I knew what it was and boom in my research I stumble upon others who've notice the same thing.
View my other posts about HAARP and chemtrails there's a taking of the human species, you can help fight for the survival of your species or sleep and be taken with ease you won't even know or suspect while it's happening just continue sleeping.

This post is to all the rare souls who love too hard, understand and appreciate having high values in a society where lust trumps unconditional love, who are too scared to love because the fear of losing the person they like and for all the people who are great beings at the core but life has torn you apart and so you built many layers and walls to hide from the pain that it becomes nearly impossible to express your love for another being. You / We all deserve the most love. Real Recognize Real. @standup911

At war with biomech.... @dominicjeromek

Awkward ๐Ÿ˜‚ @chididdy26


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