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Here is the range of vibrations you get with a 18 Mini Wand!

I think the question is:

If a woman asks a man to buy her a toy is okay if he requests that he at least gets to see her use it?

My Opinion: Woman always seem to feel they can request whatever they want but get mad when a man requests what he wants in return. She asked for what she wants and he asked for what he wants.. Seems fair to me!🤷‍♂️.

Customer review of her Rabbit!

Try it just to feel the sensation from the vibration!

Make the call! Send the message! Apologize! WHILE THE PERSON STILL ALIVE!

Pink Dual Wand

Another 1!

Dual Wand Review

Nothing beats a trial! How else you gonna know?


This part of life is called enjoyment!

Point Blank!
Ladies if you know a man that's a GREAT FATHER I think you should him a nude pic today!

Thanks in advance🤣🙈

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