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A. Mauser Photography  Austin Mauser (OG TRILL MASTER) I take a lot of random photos 📸 I don’t organize my posts 😂 #DenverPhotographer Need cheap Bluetooth headphones? ⬇️

You’re never truly alone when you have a dog. 🐶

“What does your photo mean?” I have no idea. I literally just saw a flower in a bird bath in my backyard after it rained and thought it might be a cool photo. 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

She just needs a little light like a camera needs a shutter. 🥀 @lilwindex

What do you think Kawi is thinking? 🐶😂 Caption it.

The devil always smile when you need a friend. 🦆

She refused to look at the camera after I called her an Easter Bunny. 😂🐰🐶 Happy Easter!!! 🐣

My grandpa was outside working on the ‘89 Corvette the other day in the snow and I thought the reflection was cool. 🚘

I left my camera battery at home, but that didn’t stop me from using my iPhone camera haha! It was awesome because @coleseely was the only rider I got a photo of and he went out and won the heat race! Tough break in the Main Event with a blown tire.

I had fun with “ @arianagrande@dejaaubrianna yesterday for April Fools Day! Thanks to @flo1071denver for an awesome day!

This is so awesome because I’ve been listening to @larryulibarri & @kathiejay on the radio since elementary school! The morning show was always playing on our way to school and is still the way to start your day off right! Such an amazing day working with a bunch of great people this April Fools Day! @flo1071denver @lance_mijares

I’m notorious for losing memory cards or somehow snapping them in half 😂 I found one of my memory cards I lost last Summer and with Spring right around the corner I figured I would post a colorful outdoors photo because I’m excited! I definitely want to work with more models outside this Spring/Summer. ☀️ Model: @wendybenitez53

I was extremely depressed last summer and took a photo of a flower in my backyard.
I like to let my emotions out into my photos and sometimes I don’t even know what I come up with, but that’s what I love about photography.
I still get into these bad funks, but I have to keep reminding myself to find the light to guide me out of the darkness. It’s always there.

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