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A. J. LeGrand  9/28 Tacos and Tunes ticket link below:

Gonna get a slice of heaven this weekend up in Broken Bow, OK. Saturday night we’ll be getting on the stage at @abendigosgrillpatio at 7:30. Be there. We’ll be there. We’ll see you THERE. 😉

Photo: @brooksburrisphotography

Some of the best moments of this year took place during our shows throughout Utah over the summer. We hope you enjoy this video preview that was captured during the grand opening of the @blackbirdmotel creative space... Big thank you to @thepeoplescoffeeutah @shey_allen and Ben Combs for capturing the moment and giving us the privilege to be part of such a special event. Too much love to contain.... Also, very important—it’s Wednesday, arguably the most boring day of the week. What will you do today, to break the mundane?

Over the weekend we celebrated the one year anniversary of releasing our record, ‘Expectations’ into the world… This is the face of realizing that a whole year has passed and trying to process that fact.  Recently I’ve been thinking of two quotes, first, “YOU have brains in your head, YOU have feet in your shoes, YOU can steer yourself any direction YOU choose. YOU’re on your own and YOU know what YOU know, and YOU are the guy who’ll decide where to go.” And second, “Many of us choose our path out of fear disguised as practically.  What we really want seems impossibly out of reach and ridiculous to expect, so we never dare to ask the universe for it.” The truth is, I agree with both—YOU are the captain, but I also believe that the universe knows that we are all overflowing with fear and will root for those who take a leap and act.  When we were putting our record together, the idea of “expectations” kept coming back as the underlying, uniting theme. “Let’s have no expectations. Let’s just do the damn thing and see what happens.  If our moms and our grandmas are the only folks who ever listen to it, at least we did it. No expectations.” We almost shelved the record, but we acted, released the tunes and I truly believe that the universe provided us with an abundance of good fortune.  These tunes have taken us places and we’re happy and we’re tired and we’re grateful and we’re hungry and we’re ready for more.  Oh the places YOU’ll go.  What YOU want is not impossible and it is not out of reach. We are all afraid, but we can all find courage. What will YOU do with all the hours?  Do the damn thing and the universe will root for you.

Thank you to all the photographers who captured these moments of us and the places where these tunes took us over the last year. ❤️

Hymns shall be sung! Come join in the fun! More dates-a-comin’ 🤘

10/9 Ft. Worth, TX @magnoliamotorlounge
10/13 Victoria, TX (DM 4 DEETS)

10/20 Broken Bow, OK @abendigosgrillpatio
11/2 San Antonio, TX @therusticsa
Photo genius: @mkbruner_art

Just over here watching episodes of school house rock—hopefully by next week i can chime into the national dialogue, once i understand how it all works... in the meantime, taking a break tonight and playing a special show with the folks at @tacosandtunes ... We’ll be performing with good friends and plan on having a great time. Keep your chin up. You made it to the weekend. The sun’ll come out tomorrow. Ticket link in bio—there might be a few left if you hurry. 🤟🏽

Photo guru: @brooksburrisphotography

Gettin’ DOWN this weekend—playing a show on Friday with the good folks at @tacosandtunes ... killer lineup as well, I’ll be sharing the stage with my brother @cameronmray and @loveandwarband too. Ticket link in bio. Get em while you can. 🤟🏽

(Post 3/3) but the child loved the mother and the mother loved the child, and the child became a mother, and the mother would have children who she loved, and she would try to remember those sunburnt noses and how their faces looked at 6, then 7, then 8, then 9, but she couldn’t recall, but she loved them and they loved her and they trusted and they told her about their pain, and the mother wept because she knew that heartache was too heavy of a thing for anyone, let alone a child to have to confront, and she wanted to heal all the wounds and right all the wrongs and make up for lost time and achieve the impossible, but instead she walked down to the creek and listened and watched and smiled, and she was not ashamed and her children laughed and smiled and clung to her and they watched as leaves fell into the water and drifted down the slow current and summer escaped them once again.

(Post 2/3) about these different narratives and how they had all eventually come to participate in this routine of breathing and moving and eating and sleeping and fighting and loving and procreating and taking and taking and taking but the solipsistic reality overcame her and she knew that although she would continue to participate in this shared existence, she would only ever know of her own thoughts and her own fears and the way in which the world made her feel and part of her felt alien, and part of her felt that perhaps we all process these emotions with the exact same amounts of chemicals and similar biological reactions and part of her wanted to join the children down at the creek, and part of her wanted to walk away and never return, and part of her wanted to test her mortality and see how close she could come to catching a glimpse of death or a glimpse of anything other than the staleness, and she felt the cool breeze again and saw a leaf fall from the tree and she thought of those she loved and where they were and she was not with them and all the wandering and pondering seemed like a waste of precious time and another leaf fell and the breeze was colder, and she recalled her childhood friend who moved away and how they wrote each other every week and then every month and then a letter would come every six months until even that biannual line of communication became too difficult to maintain and how this broke her heart and it was only her mother who could ease her pain, and she thought of how it feels to embrace those who share your same blood or to rest your cheek on the chest of the mother who raised you and all she could do was try and remember and force herself to invent something in her mind because all of the past is enveloped in fog,

(Post 1/3) From her front porch she could see a young family loading boxes into a large moving truck in their driveway and across the street Bob and Joanne were giving all their attention to their blue ribbon winning garden and the grass that grew tall, but just the right length giving no space for a single weed to plant its roots and not far off she could hear her sons and her daughter and the other neighborhood children playing in the creek behind the big houses and she’d heard them all summer long and she was able to differentiate the voices and the commands and she knew which game they were about to begin and she worried and smiled and was pleased and jealous all at the same time and she tried to remember that familiar voice saying, “for summer to come again, sweetheart it too must leave for a season,” repeating those words over and over again just as she always had—believing and hoping, but she didn’t have the strength in that moment as a breeze passed through the neighborhood, grazing her parched skin and raising the sun bleached hairs on her arms and those reassuring words didn’t ring as true as they had in years before, when time was just a clock on the wall and years were so few and her bones were new and fatigue and sadness and regret were nothing more than words and distant fictitious concepts that would never manifest themselves in her existence, but unknowingly, slowly and surely a staleness replaced what once was bright and distress encroached upon what once felt so lovely and new and it seemed that with every year the staleness and distress became more visible and tangible and every year there was a reluctant acceptance of it all and she wondered if she was the only one who fought this invisible foe or if she was the only one who submitted to its will and she wondered as she walked to the road and watched as the cars passed; catching glimpses of the faces that rushed by;

Rain or shine,
Bringin’ the heat to Fort Worth tonight,
Rain or shine,
Bringin’ my baby to Fort Worth tonight,
Rain or shine,
Bringin’ this mullet to Fort Worth tonight!
Rain or shine,
See y’all at @magnoliamotorlounge tonight,
Doors at seven, tunes at nine,
Burnin’ down the barn in Fort Worth tonight,
Brother Dave Martinez gonna start things off,
So get there early tonight! ❤️🤘🏽

The band has some fun shows this week. Tomorrow night in Dallas we’ll be playing the @therealylt after party at @sundownatgranada ... tunes start at 9. Then heading to Ft. Worth Saturday night, we’ll be raging with our friends @magnoliamotorlounge ... Tunes start at 9. See all you lovely folks, SOON! ❤️🤘🏼

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Over the past few months I’ve had the opportunity to play a handful of incredible living room shows and have wonderful experiences at each of them. At the end of one exceptionally magical night, our friend @mrbuntjer from the @saltymouthshows crew, invited all of us in attendance to go back to our respective communities and create more memorable musical moments and events like we’d just enjoyed. So, myself and a handful of Dallas friends are happy to announce that we’ll be hosting Matt Costa on Friday, September 14th for one of his stops on “The Road to Santa Rosa Fangs,” tour. We assure you, it’ll be a wonderful evening. Ticket link in bio—get em while you can.✌️

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