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Thank you all so much for the birthday love.  28 has certainly been the best year thus far, but I hope to continue to be able to say that at the end of each lap around the sun. It feels weird saying it, but 28 was the year in which I FINALLY STARTED living life on “my own terms.” Its hard to believe that for decades I tried so hard to earn grades, get jobs, climb ladders, find my people, find a place where I felt at home, find my THING, please everyone else before myself, and ultimately get a piece of paper that says ‘YOU CAN NOW GET A FEW MORE JOBS WITH THIS PIECE OF PAPER THAN YOU COULD HAVE BEFORE YOU GOT THIS PIECE OF PAPER,’ all with hopes that these paths would make me feel comfortable in my own skin.  Now, I feel like I’ve finally learned a couple of the secrets to life and my only regret is that I could have gleaned this knowledge earlier if I had only decided to—that, in and of itself, I believe is the true secret; you CAN do ANYTHING you DECIDE TO DO.  I know we’ve all seen cliché quotes like this in all the public school buildings we attended growing up and perhaps the words and their meaning seemed fantastical or only applied to a very small number of us, but after 28 years of feeling disillusioned  by dreams and hopes and inadequate levels of satisfaction, I’ve applied this childlike, positive ideology and it has changed my life completely. Obviously, existence is different for everyone and there is no cure-all approach to happiness, but I’m glad that after 28 years I’ve found one for me.
DECIDE to live life on your own terms. FIND the people, the place and the passion that fills you. MANAGE your time and your energy prudently.  DETACH yourself from all negativity.  AVOID people that belittle your dreams, avoid people that have no follow-through.  TREAT YOURSELF, take care of your mind, body and soul.  CELEBRATE even the smallest of accomplishments.  REEVALUATE CONSTANTY, ‘is what you’re doing, growing corn?’ If you aren’t happy, change it up and do what you want to do. WORK, WORK, WORK, and then work some more—If you don’t work for what you want, then don’t go pointing any fingers when you can’t get no satisfaction—PROVE YOURSELF WRONG.

Different day, different stage, different year, different place, FIND THE NEXT SWIMMIN’ HOLE. 🤘🔥✌️

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Greetings from Yellowstone!
We had a blast in Emigrant, MT last night at the @theoldsaloon ... Met some wonderful people, played on an incredible stage and experienced some unbelievable hospitality... Now, off to the next town, the next stage and the next swimming hole. 🌊 🤙❤️✌️

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#OnTheRoadAgain #SwimmingHole #WhereIsTheLeatherBag
#LetsDoWhatWeWant #BlowUpYourTv #AJLeVan #RacheyRain #VanLife #Van #vans #PartyTime #PartyBus #PARTY

HAVE A NICE DAY. TONIGHT keep it going and catch us at @theoldsaloon in Emigrant, MT. 🔥🤘

#OnTheRoadAgain #WhereIsTheLeatherBag
#LetsDoWhatWeWant #BlowUpYourTv #AJLeVan #RacheyRain #VanLife #Van #vans #PartyTime #PartyBus #PARTY

Feeling overwhelmed with gratitude to all the good folks in Utah who have made this week so special. Thank you for your hospitality, your friendship, your support, thank for setting up shows, thank you for coming to the shows, thank you for feeding us, thank you for sheltering us, for your words of encouragement, for your words of advice and for your love. We won’t soon forget this feeling or the experiences we were fortunate enough to share with you good folks. So long for now, but we’ll see y’all again soon. Montaña, HUR WE COME. ✌️❤️🤘

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Online tickets are sold out! DM me for show details and y’all can get tickets at the door. Summer-ball-Utah-crawl-salty-mouth-love-all-y’all! ❤️

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St. George, UT TONIGHT.
See y’all there! ❤️👍

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A wise person once told me, “if you can live without her, then live without her, but if you can’t live without her, then you’d better figure out what you’ve gotta do to get her.” Perhaps not all humans are this way, but I am completely dependent on another person. I don’t know much, but I know my person, Rachel very well and she knows me to same depths. If I’ve got any advice for anyone, it would be to find a real partner; who is truly your best friend, who is faithful, completely committed, who knows the meaning of selflessness, who will allow you to be yourself, who will comfort you, protect you, pick you up and believe in you at all times. Find and be a partner who isn’t jealous. Find and be a partner who can handle anger, frustration and disappointment. Find and be a partner who heals wounds and does not open old scars. Find a person who shares the same goals. Tell them everything, ask them everything, put your egos/baggage/demons on the alter and mutually create a plan to find a peaceful balance. Build yourself a home. Become “equally yoked” in all things. Follow the dreams you have. DO WHAT YOU TRULY WANT TO DO. Don’t let a single person outside of you two, tell you “what you ought to do.” Give your person all that you have.... Sorry for the overload of unsolicited blah-blah-blah, but really, life is too short to go on alone in a lukewarm state of indifference. If you don’t have true love then what the hell is the point of all this?Go find your person, be with your person and be a good person in return.
Thank you for having me, Rachel. “Your name is my address.”

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#LetsDoWhatWeWant #BlowUpYourTv #AJLeVan #RacheyRain #VanLife #Van #vans #PartyTime #PartyBus #PARTY

Honor, courage and leniency... Always leniency... Flagstaff, AZ TONIGHT!

Tunes start around 7:30
Bring a floor cushion.
DM for address. •
Photos: @racheyrain


7/29 Flagstaff, AZ

8/3 St. George, UT

8/4 American Fork, UT
(Tix link in bio // saltymouths.com)

8/5 Blackbird Motel—Salt Lake City, UT

Photo: @dansonbrody

Denver, Colorado.
Tonight, 9 PM, at @theramblehotel -
Stoked to be teaming up with @111watches , @10barrelbrewing , @ursamajorvt , @fossil and a whole bunch of other great partners who’ve worked to make tonight so special. We’ll see y’all there 🤘❤️
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Utah Friends,
We are so excited to announce that we’ll be joining up with the @saltymouthshows team for our 8/4 date in American Fork, UT! We assure you this will be a special night—ticket link in bio! Get your tickets quick! ❤️

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