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Alex Herrera  M.S.🐻💙 🌹III•XVIII•MMXVIII🌹 “Though I may annoy you and come off as “immature”, trust me. I am smarter than you think.”

Why do my eyes look grey...

Your crazy matches my crazy, big time. #deadpool #fanlove #holychimichangas @vancityreynolds

I can’t help but wonder what I have done to deserve someone so special. You mean so much to me. You can drive me crazy at times but I love you at the end of the day. Never stop being kind my love. Never stop loving the way you do. 💙

You’re my favorite distraction😉

HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY to this beautiful human! I love you little sister. I wish you the best birthday and many more to come❤️💜🎂

I just want to say thank you. Not just for coming into my life and sticking around, but for reminding me that even broken things can be loved💚

His💖 #basic

And then there was you 💙😉

Be easy to love, hard to break and impossible to forget #nationalwomensday

I debated whether or not to post this. You see, if any of you know me well, I’m a very insecure person. I’m very self conscious about my looks and about just me in general. I wish I didn’t feel this way but yeah know, we all have our thoughts. But really... if only you all knew half of what goes on in my mind...

Ahora, soy peor😈


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