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Chief 'Orah  β€’ I am a god. β€’ November born πŸ‘‘ β€’ Canine Lover 🐢 β€’ I prefer my puns intended πŸ˜•

Vomit Green.
Really brings out my eyes, don't it?

Wingman extraordinaire πŸ’ž

Fuego! πŸ”₯

Level Up! πŸ†™
Thank you Jesus πŸŽ†

Hi, I'm Trump.
My hobbies are: begging for food, spreading my legs and biting.
Sometimes I bark, just 'cause.
I also pee when I'm super-excited.

HDR. Willow. None 🚫

I absolutely looove!
@oyin.lagos for the win!
Amazing customer service!

I never have anything to write in my captions πŸ˜”πŸ˜’.
Anyway, umm......nope! still nothing...

Yuh! Since the days of my youth...
#GangstaKid! ✌

I'm not exactly the fittest of them all but I did it! Pretty sure I'd be rendered immobile tomorrow. My legs literally feel like they don't belong to me. Nonetheless, it was fun!!!!! Everybody needs a @ukay__ in their life. You know I love you baby geh πŸ˜‰ and @jtoasted, the real MVP. On some Michael Jordan level! Go for gold bebe. We'll do this again next year! πŸ’ͺ

The goal is to be genuinely happy this year, just like in this photo.
See them looking at me πŸ˜’

Me: Meka, put on a shirt and stop assaulting our eyes biko! *rme*
Meka: See this girl o! You're losing respect! Who is your mate here?? Oya, don't lie ya feeling the boy πŸ˜†
Upon all your years in the obodo oyibo, you're still a bloody Igbo man with thick Igbo sense πŸ˜‘. The only person that can give me 2years worth of headaches in just 2days, tufia kwa!
Nna, ifunanya anyi erike. Eziokwu! Onye nzuzu 1! See you whenever. πŸ˜†
#Fave! πŸ’œ

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