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Your newborns make my heart stop. Sweet perfection. Congratulations @rnicolaidis 🍂

Announcement Plaques available online via link in profile.

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Happy Friday. From my place to yours.

Zilvi plaque available via link in profile
Pic: @emmajadephotographer
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Ten years this year. Jas and I. Fun fact, we aren’t married. We aren’t even engaged. We purchased a wedding and engagement ring together a few years ago when out at the shops and I popped it on. No biggy. We do love our way. 🍂
Home Plaques available online, link in profile

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The artist behind the brand. Me. I’m the solo maker of all of the wares you receive into your home. If you’re new here, welcome. Have a peek at the ‘the artist’ highlight in the highlight reel on my profile and get to know me a little better. I’m Nicole. And I appreciate you being here. 🍂 #zilvi

Dear Felix. It took four years to meet you. To make me a Mama. And it’s been five years of trying to make you a big brother. I have a feeling you’ll be my one and only, dear Felix. I want you to be okay with that. You are such a special boy. Your mind and your heart. They’re different from most. You’re in your own lane. You walk to the beat of your own drum. The world is so lucky you’re here dear Felix. And for some great reason, I was chosen to Mother you. It’s a privilege dear Felix.
#mothersday #dearfelix
Pic: @katietakesapicture

Brad. Two years today. This feather represents you. Your memory. And the importance of finding a cure.

Big Sister. One of the very best titles there is. Congratulations @hellomrsshirley! 🍂
Zilvi Etched Big Sister/Brother Plaques available via link in profile

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Goldie Bloom has arrived. Oh my. You are now part of one incredible family darling girl. You chose well. Enjoy this world sweet Goldie.
Zilvi Etched Name Plaque available via link in profile.

Mummy: @jessiikawilson
Daddy: @the.philipwilson
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Another of my toppers in that $5 @woolworths_au cake. Seriously, their range is good. You’ll never bake again.
Zilvi Vine Topper available online, link in profile.

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Another freezing morning here. Felix is off school with a horrid cold. So the fire is lit, lego is out, a movie is on. I’m back to the studio shortly to pack your orders. Have a beautiful Tuesday from my place to yours.

Zilvi Timber Earth Milestones available via link in profile.
Pic: @mummyandtribe
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It’s a public holiday here in Queensland. Felix and I have both woken with sore throats and high temps. So we’re spending the morning by the fire with a movie. This afternoon I’ll be back in the studio. Have a beautiful day from our place to yours.

Pic: @jenniophoto
#zilvi #milestonecards

We’re into our third week of solid rain. We’ve had brief moments of sunshine which ends in a downpour. It’s muddy out in these hills. It’s a long weekend in Queensland so we’re enjoying slow days at home, and quiet nights in the studio. Happy Saturday from our place to yours [check out my highlight ‘our place’ to get a feel for where we live]. Timber Baby Clothing Dividers available online in sets of 6

Pic: @katietakesapicture for #zilvi

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