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Küçüğüm❣️20/10/2017💜🇹🇷  🔥Kaan Urgancıoğlu•Hazal Filiz Küçükkose😘 📢Bu dunyadan bir Emir Kozcuoğlu Geçti😢💙 Sen hep Değerliydin, Küçüğüm😇🧡 For talented ones🤩 Fan Fiction Writer📝

MÜKEMMEL ADAM 😍😍😍😍🤩🤩♥️🔥😘🙈 i will die😭😭♥️ @kaanurgancioglu #kaanurgancioglu #kaanurgancioğlu #zeymir #aşk


Russia didn’t allow Albanian flags there but forgot that the reall eagles are inside there 👐🏼👐🏼🇦🇱🇦🇱♥️ @granitxhaka @shaqirixherdan very proud of you guys 🇦🇱🇨🇭 #switzerland #shaqiri #xhaka #worldcup #albania #kosovo #soccer #goals out of zeymir tonight sorry😂😂💋

21.06.2017 End of #karasevda 😢😕 21.06.2018 one year since the end and I’m still here crying after I’m seeing all those painful videos of our amazing actors and actress😔☹️😢 all of them did a very amazing job, we should thanks @hilalsaral for this amazing serie as a very good director she is, with karasevda it was the first time I cried and laughed with my heart while watching the episodes which didn’t happen with other series I’ve watched and I personally thank @hilalsaral because, of her I had my chance to know my loves @kaanurgancioglu and @hazalfilizkucukkose😘😍 the end was painful I guess lot of us still feel pain and sorry for the end it was just terrible but this makes it unforgettable in a way🙂 after all we still wish we can see and other project with @kaanurgancioglu and @hazalfilizkucukkose cuz we really miss them and wish all #karasevda team good Lucy and happy lifes with their loved ones ☺️😊😍 #endlesslove #kaanurgancıoğlu #hazalfilizküçükköse #kaanurgancioglu #hazalfilizkucukkose #zeymir #hazkaan #nihkem #neslihanatagul #burakozcivit #aliburakceylan #melisapamuk #buraksergen #kozcuoglu #emirkozcuoğlu @neslihanatagul @burakozcivit @melisapamuk @buraksergen @aliburakceylan

Depresyondayız😝😝🤣💋💋 @hazalfilizkucukkose 😉✌🏼😘 #hazalfilizküçükköse #hazalfilizkucukkose #zeymir #zeynepkozcuoglu

Happy anniversary Zeymir/Hazkaan people 😍
Remember this day?
Hazal and Kaan posted this selfie as a way of them to apologize for the disastrous episode that was going to be aired that night. They knew that we'll be sad and angry because of the way things ended for Zeynep and Emir. And this considerate act showed us how much beautiful and amazing these two are. It was so sweet and genuine. And that what made this selfie more valuable to us.
This legendary selfie became our small treasure but the haters' biggest nightmares 😅
Shoutout to Hazal and Kaan 🙌
الذكرى السنوية الثانية للسيلفي الهازكاني العظيم.. نزل في نفس يوم الحلقة الكارثية لحب اعمى.. كان طريقة لطيفة و انسانية جدا من قبل هازال و كان لحتى يعتذروا مننا على سير الاحداث الكارثي الي صار في تلك الحلقة.. برأيي قيمة السيلفي المعنوية اكبر من السيلفي نفسه لانه عبر عن مدى رقي و طيبة هازال و كان و حبهم لفانزهم.
اجمل و ارق تحيه لهذا الثنائي الرائع ✌
Text by my girl @mero_zymr 😘😘<•• #zeymir #hazkaan #kaanurgancioglu #hazalfilizküçükköse #hazalfilizkucukkose #emirkozcuoğlu #zeynepkozcuoglu

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