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Cyanna 🌻  Imago dei. •901• HU '18 🔵🔴

Finger guns in front of the art cuz you know... culture

Utter shenanigans

God bless those twenty-somethings #22

Just wait until I figure out how to make money as a professional bruncher

Finally found the filter that fits me best 🌻

Howard University Alumna ✨



There are very few pictures of us that don’t involve bonnets or someone acting a plum fool (me) but for those of y’all that don’t know this is the squad, the ride or die, and the other half. I don’t know what dance this was but we kilt it. #nationalsiblingsday

The London Eye ft. Crepes that didn’t last 30 seconds after I took the picture

I can act boujee now because I’ve have wine in Europe 😂

Happy birthday Ryanne ft. me on my 9th mimosa 😂

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