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Yadi_Roc  TeamHope HustleOverTimeProfitErrday‼️


On Momma💯✖️💯 y'all niggaz still tryna make ya first hunnit, I ain't got time to talk about anything‼️ 📖 #LORDZ

Make sho y'all follow ma lil brothas bitch @whitebuffsghostoffenkell @duna_g_no_rules ‼️‼️ #Now

Goodmorning I swear this little girl made my life totally different I LOVE YOU DAUGHTER #LogynBlu💙 #Proudfather #DaddysBabyGirl😍😘 p.s she ain't even been up for 5 mins yet😂😂😂 #BOSSBABY

I can't chase y'all hoes because I have a woman 😂😂😂 Remember dat‼️ Gotta bad bitch n she a loyal 1 💯 N if I didn't have 1 I still couldn't chase y'all 📖🤦🏾‍♂️

I swear 2 God #Life

Once again I don't do the #champagne but when you stay down with the mfs who down wit you niggaz buy you heavy champagne #Lordx

Realist shit I ever read that's why I been moving totally different des niggaz n bitches ain't playin FAIR📖 @lilmikemikecn you couldn't have said it better #Wildlife #Yadi #Hope

#Mood I been fuckin wit that @dannyalwayswin he definitely talkin crazy on dis bitch🔥🔥🔥🔥 #ScootiePippen

#RipPeeWee I can't stop thinkin about you Bro all I can remember is good times dude so many laughs so much juice and money all type of shit we was just LIVING we fucked the winter and summer up before that bitch even started niggaz droppin vetts, bussdowns, cribs, Cubans and anything else a hood nigga can really dream of we had LIFE but I can't lie peewee this shit can't be LIFE this shit can't be real Bro I LOVE YOU BROTHA #LongLivePeeWee #joyrdfinest #CubanBrothas4Ever

I love you bro Ima make sho you live forever P💯✖️💯 #joyrdsfinest #PThaDoc #RipPeeWee 😪😥😥🤢


#PeeWee I love you Bro this nigga believed in my music so fuckin much the last couple videos I shot he just paid for them peewee would run up 10k and blow a band on my music just because he believe in my shit this nigga was like the brother I never had. I can't believe dis hoe shit my nigga was 1000 smallest nigga out the #Mob wit the biggest heart ❤️ I ain't wanna see you in the hospital bed fucked up and I damn show don't wanna see you inside no fuckin casket I LOVE YOU BRO. I ain't felt this pain this shit seem #Unreal #LongLivePeewee #JoyRdFinest

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