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Ohh lawd if this isn’t me all day 🙄😂 #KekeDoYouLoveMe #ImOverIt

I just cant with this heat 😩 #CaliFolksArentUsedToThis

A very happy birthday to my number one, I would be lost without you. Thank you for supporting me, crying with me and raising me into the person I am today. However great you were as a mother, becoming a grandmother was a game changer. Dominick loves you to the moon and back. You have always been his biggest cheerleader, reassuring me of God’s blessing upon him. What I want for you today and the rest of your life is peace and happiness you deserve that and more. I thank God that he has given me the opportunity to celebrate another year by your side we love you and can’t wait to celebrate you! 😘💕🎂🎉 #HappyBirthdayMama #SheStillGotIt #MybackBone #MyBFF #IgotItFromMyMama 😝

Happy Father’s Day to the best Dad! Thank you will never be enough for all that you have done and continue to do! There’s not a thing you wouldn’t do or a thing you would miss. Dominick and the kids are blessed to call you DADDY! #HappyFathersDay2018 #BestDad 💙

You will forever be my always ❤️ #MyRightHand #MyOtherHalf #MCE

Blessed to have a great job but damn this morning was just like this 😝 #CanItBeThursday5pm #4DayWkndAhead #LongWknd #IneedADrankInMyHandAlready #Humpday🐫

Finally our future Godson made his grand debut yesterday. Proud of my sister in law for pushing all those precious 10lbs 😍 We are all beyond blessed with his arrival and can’t wait to see him grow alongside Yaleyza and Dominick ❤️ #PreciousLittleBoy #MiCacheton #NinoAndNinaLove #MyMixedBaby #Blessed

Of all the things I’ll ever do in my life time, Mothering my child will always be my greatest accomplishment 😘😍💕 #IloveYouMyLittleMonkey #Blessed #ILoveYouToInfinityAndBeyond #BecauseOfYouIgetToCelebrateMothersDay

Feliz día de las madre hermosa! Tu que eres mi todo, la mujer que me dio vida, hemos vivido tantos momentos juntas buenos y muy malos,pero tu que eres una luchadora ni con la menor de las adversidades te rendiste.Dios no nos manda las cosas fáciles siempre pero sabes que yo estaré a tu lado para salir adelante. Te amo demasiado,y yo sin ti no se que haría. Tu me has enseñado hacer la mujer que soy hacer fuerte y luchadora y los más importante, es ser una buena madre a mi hijo. Eres las mejor abuelita y Dominick y yo te amamos con todo nuestro corazón. I love you mamy! 😘💐♥️ #FelizDiasDeLasMadres #MyPartnerInCrime #TeAmamos 💕

How has 3 years flown by already!? 😱 My journey with you, with issues, challenging circumstances,ups and downs, but also beautiful moments,lots of love,tolerance, patience, and friendship. We still manage to pull through and have each other’s back like no other. Thank you for being YOU! Happy anniversary Babe and for many more to come 😘♥️ #MyRidah #CheersTo3years #GoBesssFranYuuuMyBessFraaan lol #IloveYouToInfinityAndBeyond #DomsParents

The last of my 30th birthday celebration. Couldn’t have asked for more. Babe, you did an amazing job at prepping everything along with the rest of my family who helped make it happen.I love you guys and everyone else who made it to the celebration thank you 😘 Still missing a bunch more pictures that didn’t fit but thank you for the fun memories everyone #MyDirty30 #FunTimes #FamilyAndFriends 💕 #StrippersAndErrrting lol #IHaveStandards 🤣 #BlackAndGold #ByeBye20s

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