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Waverly Danielle  You are marvelous. The gods wait to delight in you. - Bukowski Co-owner of @EmpyreanArts • Aradia Fitness USA #FableticsMaster


Sequence inspired by @rachelstricklandaerial & @starrstyles - thanks for the continued inspirations. Huge love to you both.
Outfit provided by @dragonflybrand
New hoop, Goldie Glitter Puss, made custom by @beastlybuilt
Rocking out at @empyreanarts
Cameo by @circococo

New gold hoop rigged to navy blue silks. Thank you so much, @beastlybuilt. I'm in love.

Feels good to get back up on the pole. Been resting a lot lately on aerial and pole training to give my mind, body, heart, and soul some time to heal, grieve, recover, grow.
Thanks for your support, as always, @kiltedmachine 💜. @empyreanarts

Haven't been using Instagram much lately... missed you guys. Enjoy this little video of how I personally like to do Infinity Rolls. 🤘🏻
Cameo by @circococo
Hanging at @empyreanarts
Favorite leggings by @aerialsilksecuador

Baby Waverly, circa 1990

Lately, my body has never felt better. I've been prioritizing self-care over aerial and pole training, hence my lack of recent posts. My shoulders no longer ache like they did when I was overtraining. Spending more time in the gym strengthening and less time in the air has allowed old injuries to rest and heal. I'm also getting weekly body work by @autumkirgan at Clasique Accupunture & Pilates (@_clasique_) in addition to my new workout regimen. I highly recommend Accupunture & cupping if you're a climber and haven't tried it before. It keeps my body going (along with *mostly* clean eating - let's be real - and massage).

Another lovely photo from my shoot with @sicimages.
Just wrapped up the last day of aerial teacher training with my aerial wife @missheathen. Huge thanks to @dakotafox84 with @aradiafitnessnc for inviting Heather and I to create aerial teacher training programs for Aradia Fitness USA. Thanks to everyone who came to participate - it was a pleasure working with you!
For more information about Aradia's pole and aerial teacher training programs, email Dakota at aradiausa@aradiafitness.com.

Jammin' before teaching circus camps...
Top by @dragonflybrand

Be good to your body and it will be good to you. (📸 @sicimages)

Feeling fast and furious today. 🔥@EmpyreanArts

It's finally happening - the launching of @aradiafitnessnc's aerial teacher training program brought to you by myself and @missheathen! Email us for more information or to sign up - still a few spots left so scoop them up while you can!
Special thanks to @dakotafox84 for inviting us to be a part of Aradia's incredible instructor training program.

One of my favorites from my most recent shoot with the phenomenal @sicimages.

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