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Dillon Vance  Commercial & Fine-Art Photographer. Fighting reality with every image, join the fight today email for booking information!

"Mutations." -Self-Portrait.
Slide right to see the full image! Comments? Suggestions for what to do next?

"Monkey Business." Surreal Photography. Hey everyone!! My hiatus from Social Media has come to an end. Hope y'all enjoy this shot from one of recent photoshoots! If you want to see the image in better detail slide right to check out the shot zoomed in. Sorry for the terrible IG compression on the photo! Thoughts? Comments? & Shout out to my awesome Padre for helping me out with this one! @rusnrno

A little of that 1970s B Horror Movie Flavor for this Friday night. Anyone have any interesting out of the norm phooshoots you want to do? Let me know in the comments or my DM!

Reality is only a suggestion.

(Slide through photos to see details up close) "A illegal Virtual Reality experiment goes awry when a bug shorts out the system, Causing the VR Headset to spark and electrify but instead of frying the users brain it begins uploading his consciousness into the internet!" ---------- This is the beginning of my "DayDream" Photo Series, First I am photographing everyday people in their normal environments(Stay tuned for that part of this image), and then upon learning what their wildest daydreams are we will setup a photoshoot and bring those dreams into the real world!
Saving the princess from the dragons lair? Being a rap superstar? Being able to fly? No matter the daydream I want to bring it life...... if only for a moment.

Know a Daydreamer who may be interested in taking part of this photoseries? I would love to hear from them!

"At the end of the line..." Been dreaming of surviving long past a world ending war only to be taken out by a malfunctioning nuclear defense system long after society has crumbled. Got an idea for a scene I should bring to life? Let me know!

Face Of A Nation. /Are you a musician in need of promotional photography? If your answer is, "Hell Yes!" DM, or Email me!

The Smuggler. /What concept should I shoot next? Anything you want to see? I want to hear your ideas!!

Truth hidden behind pleasantries.

I propose a CHALLENGE! 1st to get all 3 of the following questions correct earns a $200 DVPhoto Discount Voucher!!!! As a bonus/thank you to all my followers the person to name the number(1-100) I am thinking of gets a $100 Voucher! (Only 2 guesses per account!) 1️. What city is outside that window? Geography not your forte? Try question 2. 2. What decade are her fashion/outfit choices from? 3rd and final question....drum roll please🥁🥁🥁.... 3. Was this taken at Sunset or Sunrise? Will anyone defeat the triple trivia challenge? TUNE IN NEXT POST TO FIND OUT......... **Only redeemable at Dillon Vance Photography, No Cash Value. In Studio only.**

Quick shot of @will_evan practicing his newly learned telekinesis powers. Do you want your super powers immortalized forever in an epic photograph? Levitation? ✔ Flying? ✔Fireballs? ✔, if it is a super power I can photograph it! DM me for more info! (disclaimer: no invisibility users, sorry!)

1992 Selfie Captured via Time Travelling Camera. I am curious, when was the last time you used a instant camera? Did you shake that polaroid picture? Did you use it for time-travelling? Model, Theme & Wardrobe by an awesome Los Angeles fashion blogger @r3myj43n

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