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Urwin Hoogenboom 🇳🇱  ▪: 40 years 🔱: 20 years of lifting 🌍: NL ⭐: Non compete 🎥: Just sharing my Journey❤ 💯% Motivational ⤵ Overcoming anorexia 💪 19: 54kg --40: 100kg

Gym is always good to clear you're head.. Or great therapy! Or at least with me.. ❤️ I usually dont like making long captions or storys.. But I have a sweet loving mother who is having a really bad time now and she is almost in the hospital now for over a week.. 😔 She is sick.. She is in a bed, but they don't letting her sleep..😔😔 Been rushing these days here now from work to home, from home to hospital, and back and back... And this little time I had here left, besides also beeing here for my dad, here it felt so good to clear my head..❤ So dont forget to love the lovely people around you.. my friends..❤ Make love, not war.. Do the things that feeds your soul, not your ego.. Love is not only something you feel, but something you do.. Take care everyone ❤️

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