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Roads Untravelled, TimesUnseen
Cherish The moments being a teen♥️

Shes the exclamation mark in the happiest sentence that i could ever possibly write!♥️ #IGotItFromMyBebe #ILoveYouBebe∞

She fought, She cried they raped she died ! #JusticeForAsifa🙏🏻

The jokes behind these laughters are being missed badly!🤣 @sharibfilmistaani #PyareBhaiyaJi_HasteRehna🤗#MissYouOnSets

❤️ਚਿੱਟੀਆਂ ਕਲਾਈਆਂ❤️

Its not about how high you fly,
Its about to remember the start💫
#Humble #RootsToTheGround😇

These innocent faces are the disguise for our mischiefs ! 🤪
#MissJuBeere♥️ Pc-bandriiii🙈

They say life is uncertain ,
not if you are certain about your present!🌟 #PastsGone #FuturesMystery #PresentCountsSoMakeIt!💪🏻

Shes got my back through everything
The first responder to all my problems #MyBackbone #Bebe♥️

Walk where the road takes you cause whats meant to be it’ll be!

God, Goals & Pure souls💫

Its never too late for good things so here it is, 4 days have passed but I still haven’t been able to stop being overwhelmed by all the love and care I got from my loved ones on my 16th name day, each one of you made it very special for me ! 😚

Firstly I would like to express my gratitude for my lovely mother who has always been my saviour and well wisher💕 Thank You for everything bebe, and a special thanks for this grand celebration!
I love you the most❤

And to all my lovely fans, as you made it special too💟 It didn’t seem we were far away as you kept everyone updated with the party moments and your lovely blessings along with it !😘 Loads of love and gratitude for every person who was there and who wished me with with their blessings!💞 #16thNameDay #ThanksGiving

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