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55 facts abt me!!!! @hello__i__just__
1. My name is Grace Sheridan Peña 2. I'm Mexican 3. It makes me mad at times 4. It makes me mad cuz I get bullied abt it 5. I got mad when @hello__i__just__ didnt mention me in any of her 55 facts abt her 6. She is my BFF and I love her she is my boo and jelly 7. I'm 12 8. Ill be 13 soon 9. On January 5 ill be 13 10. I go to coastal 11. I'm going in 7th grade 12. I am in scarano a class 13. I have a sister 14. I have a little bro 15. I have a big bro 16. My dad and my mom are divorced 17. I have a step mom 18. I have a step dad 19. I love soft ball 20. I love soccer 21. I love steak 22. I only like ribeye 23. I am single 24. My fav song is either bones or slow down the song 25.i get home sick sometimes!! 26. I hate reading 27. I thought my self to read 28. I have been swimming on my own since I was 3 29. I love the game clue 30. Also monopoly 31. I love zebra print 32. I have blonde hair 33. I have brown eyes 34. I have tan skin 35. It's natural and from the sun 36. I want to get to 55 37. It's super hard 38. Purple is my fav color 39. Blue is my second fav 40. I love straight hair 41. I look for a guy who is nice sweet and has a sense if humor and can take a joke and has a good personality 42. My fav animal is a turtle 43. I miss my BFF Emma 44. She moved away 45. She moved to Greenville South Carolina 46. Ezra fitz is awesome to me I would actually do hw if he was my teacher 47. I love PLL and duck dynasty 48. I am a directioner 49. I love Louis Tomlinson 50. He is mine 51. Made a new BFF named anna @annalovestheworld she is so fun and sweet 53. I love coffee 54. I love the hunger games 55. I love fruit 56. One of my fav kinda is watermelon 57. U didnt notice I went past 55 59. I just checked to see if I went past 55 59. U didnt notice I skipped 58 60. U just looked back to see 61. Im done

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