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Me and Samson are in Manchester today cheering the runners across finish line for the half marathon. Well done @dellewokboy and well done @melbrutonn 🐝
#StrongLikeSamson #Manchester #Marathon #fatherandson #DadBod

Hang snatch, overhead squats and snatch deadlift all at 65-70%. Little finisher to break in some new equipment at @gritstonecrossfit - 20-15-10-5 Assault Bike / Ski Erg Cal. Quick but fun. Money in the bank, apologies for the wayward Barnet.
#gritstonecrossfit #xendurance #heavyrepgear #againfaster

Solid day of training with @ashleee94 today. Power snatches, smashed my pubic bone and so used @paulgray90 's knee sleeve as a cock-pad. Power cleans and then power jerks came next. Finished with a cool metcon with muscle ups, double unders and burpees...actually died in the heat. Sweat fest. Hanging. Thanks @mikekratos πŸ€˜πŸ»πŸ’¦πŸŸ
Shoulder still pretty sore after training but I'm sure it'll continue to improve as we go forward πŸ‘πŸ»

I recently bought myself a crossover system to rehab my shoulder and then as I progress to continue to keep it strong. I've found it so effective I've actually bought two more so the whole box can use them! The one I have is from @_rebeluk and is about half the price of some other systems I found on line, and it is excellent for rehab, prehab and in warming up and strengthening one of the most vulnerable parts of the body.
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There are far too many parents in this city trying to understand far too much tragedy tonight. I will be hugging Samson a little bit tighter when I think of what they are going through, and sending all my loving thoughts.
This city raised me and I love it like no other. I will make sure Samson is as kind, strong and compassionate as so many have been in the wake of the attack.
"We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided."
#PrayForManchester #Manchester #Love #strongertogether

Monday training! It's been a pretty intense weekend on the posterior chain with plenty of lifting from the floor and awkward objects; atlas stones, logs, tyres, sleds...tractors etc. So today I just did some of the gymnasty work programmed by @moofit_programming β€’
12 min emom: 25% max MU.
12 min emom: 25% max Bar MU.
12 min emom: 25% max Strict HSPU.
20 mins @_rebeluk CrossOver Rehab.
Movements felt pretty good - went bare feet today as the weekends trail run left me a little tight. Got to be honest, was super pissed that I got hand tears in my new @victorygrips but I will give it at least a fortnight for them to bed in. All new things take a bit of getting used to.

I'm sat reflecting on an excellent team event with my @GritStoneCrossFit family, and family is what they are. Last years competition season was undoubtedly the best I've ever had; I felt unstoppable as the season went on but it was followed by disappointing Open due to injury. Today was at times frustrating to see how much I have lost in capability since then, and where the journey has to restart. But thankfully, sharing this weekends experiences with my GritFam eclipsed any of those feelings as the performances of my friends from the box smashing their first event was staggering. Fears were faced, struggles managed, challenges overcome. I'm so proud. I'm so proud of them all. I hope I lead them well.
Training has felt pretty lonely recently as I try to overcome the obstacles in the way, and come back better than before. Thanks to my team mates on GSCF Team B (who took us to the finals and 7th place!) and to everyone who shouted for Tricky Ricky today, it meant a lot. I didn't get to speak to everyone but I heard you all and it meant a lot. I feel pretty emosh: I want to be back to my best and I want to win again.
πŸ“· @peter.photo_cumbria β€’
@heavyrepgear @xendurance_eu #GritStoneCrossFit #CrossFit #xendurance #heavyrepgear #Lushmen @crossfit @districtlullswater

220 atlas stone at @districtlullswater today. The jump from 85kg to 97kg is a big one but the jump to 115kg/250lbs was just a bit too much today. Target for next year! Cracking first day:
Event 1) Sled/PU/TTB/Rope Climb
Event 2) The Worm.
Event 3) Heavy Stones and AMRAP
Event 4) Trail Run 5km
Phenomenal day with the GritStone WOD Squad. So proud of everyone and to be part of such a fantastic group.
#gritstonecrossfit #truegrit #crossfit #strengthtraining #atlasstone #strongman #weightlifting #heavyrepgear #xendurance #UKcrossfit #lushmen #functionalfitness #functionaltraining #DistrictL

Heading to @districtlullswater later today with 5 teams from @gritstonecrossfit - this will be the first event for many of the GritStone WOD Squad. I've just finished packing the essentials into the kit bag, which looks like this...
Supplements are a crucial part of any event for me; hydration is vital as well as hitting the macros I need to power through two days of competition. Fuel-5 gives me a carb hit before the event, protein and creatine get my recovery started and keep me strong after the wod, and hydration mix looks after my electrolyte balance all weekend. Code "tricky20" will get you the same from the champs at @xendurance_eu
I'll be taking something from the entire range of @heavyrepgear to cover for the varied weather in Cumbria. The compression tights and thermal long sleeve will keep the wind off, the motion force shorts dry quickly and don't hold water if I'm in and out of the lake. A massive HRG hoodie is going on between events and the bobby hat just looks the mutts nuts. "RICKY15" will get you all you need from the lads in Wales.
Extras include some @extremebeanco coffee to start the day off right...it is a competition after all. And I usually pack my @compex_uk and some @rocktape_uk ready for recovery and preparation for day 2. Belt, homemade wrist wraps and grips are a must whatever the event. I'll take trusty Nano 2s.
If you want to build your own reliable, valuable and personal kit bag, then come to the GritStone Competitors camp where myself, Jonny Landels, Matt Thompson and Becky Pykett will be talking through the A-Z of approaching fitness events.

Back squats for 3 @ 160 with @th0mm0 . Back into building strength which was my favourite phase of training last year; lift heavy and eat a lot! Win win!
#GritStoneCrossFit #againfaster #xendurance #heavyrepgear

This blew the cobwebs away after the holidays! Ten minutes; 10 rounds of Cindy then max calorie row in the remaining time. Oosh!
Go faster than you think you should in Cindy and then just die on the rower...that'll test you legs! And ask your body new questions.
@th0mm0 came across to train today with me and @ashleee94 . Training will be taking a leap forward if we get this going every week!
Got my mojo back. Let's have it! #FireBreather #GritStoneCrossFit

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