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Thomas Lindinger  🏞 Rockclimber 📽 Filmmaker 🛠 Routesetter sponsored by @prana, @scarpa_de and @petzl_official - 45° Bouldering:

My trip to #Rocklands is over after 5 amazing weeks with @liesahergeth @pamsn @sir.takobert @andreas.koesl @ronja.burre @passionbouldering @miki.pix @patricia.v.d and Theresa. Describing everything we experienced within those 34 days would be too much, but to sum up: „We will be back!“ Not just for the projects we left undone, but also for the delicious food, the beautiful sunsets and the funny evenings with Brandy & Coke 🥃
Thank you @sir.takobert for the 📸 from ‚The Vice‘ [fb 8B] which went down on our second last day of the trip.
@scarpa_de @prana @petzl_official

Sadly our time here in Rocklands is almost over. Just two climbing days left and still endless boulders on our minds 🙄 So we need to be back...
The 📸 shows ‚The Art Project‘ [fb 8A/+] which has been one of the highlights from this trip for me! Thank you @liesahergeth for the shot.
@prana @petzl_official @scarpa_de
@sir.takobert @pamsn @patricia.v.d @passionbouldering @ronja.burre @andreas.koesl

Another one from the other day: ‚Electric Copper‘ [fb 8A] 📸 by @liesahergeth
@prana @petzl_official @scarpa_de

Checked out Dangerzone the other day and found another line I was really looking for. Knew it as ‚Daves Problem‘ from a vid from @tchadx and found it in the new guidebook as ‚The wee baby shamus‘ with his help.
Great problem I really enjoyed climbing! Props to @dave_graham_ for establishing it 🤜🏼🤛🏼
@petzl_official @prana @scarpa_de 📸 by @liesahergeth

The list is getting smaller but also the amont of time left 😱
‚Fragile steps‘ [fb 8B] ✔️ Thanks @leonard.moser for the 📸
@prana @petzl_official @scarpa_de

First week here in Rocklands has been amazing 🇿🇦 Syked for more!! @prana @petzl_official @scarpa_de

Last fitness check before Rocklands wasn‘t too bad: ‚Afterlife‘ [fb 8B] and ‚Afterlife direct soft‘ [fb 8A] are in the bag and although they are just combis I’m satisfied and now pretty syked for the sessions abroad with @liesahergeth @pamsn @sir.takobert @miki.pix @patricia.v.d @ronja.burre @andreas.koesl and @lorenz.ulmer 🇿🇦
@prana @petzl_official @scarpa_de

@liesahergeth seems to be ready for Rocklands 🇿🇦 We spent two days in the Frankenjura and she crushed ‚Arschwippenbug‘ [fb 7A+] and ‚Schleimbeutelkombination‘ [fb 7A] within a few tries!
@petzl_official @prana

Due to high temperatures and thin skin from yesterday @leonard.moser and I tried some moderat ones in Magic Wood today. One that went down very surprisingly, as it felt impossible in the past, is ‚The Gift‘ [fb 7C] 📸 by @leonard.moser
@scarpa_de @prana @petzl_official

The peacefull atmosphere is one reason why I can‘t get tired of climbing in the Frankenjura ☺️

Bleaustyle [fb 8A] in the Frankenjura. Thanks @tuerrahmenhangler for the 📸 and also @leonard.moser for two nice days of bouldering 💪🏼
@prana @petzl_official @scarpa_de

@sir.takobert convinced me this morning to go to the Zillervalley with him instead of a solomission in the Frankenjura. It was a good decision to meet up and have a nice session with him, @christof_rauch @mikinafaso @patricia.v.d @martinrastinger
First 📸 is Lou! [fb 7A+]
Second 📸 is Slap‘n‘Smash [fb 8A]

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