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tristan lorei  20 | JMU 2020 photography > @tristanlorei

I scared two black bears off the top of this mountain; thus making me its new King

cigar aficionado

this isn't what I expected when I was told we were going to Yellowstone

stuck inside a desktop background

thanks JMU, because it was either this or live on the streets this fall

thankful for 20 years, hopeful for 20 more

this makes me look cooler than I really am, so that’s why I’m posting it — to impress my followers

i’m gonna need a drink too if finding a good picture of all of us takes any longer

10 likes and i’ll swim out to sea and start a new life with some fish

I'm 19 and already bought myself a house, wyd?

enjoy this picture of me and a baby goat

note to self: bike rides in Peru are much different than bike rides in the US

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