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Jennifer Trimble  👽

#dammitjudy now that it’s cold I miss my kitty snugs even more.

Okay this might be some next level stalkerish shit but @jameswesley_903 sent me this photo this mornin & MADE MY WHOLE LIFE OMAGAD THIS KID Y’ALL I CAN NOT STAND IT I LOVE HIM 🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾 I’ll be here til 8, y’all #sorrykaciendustinihadto

#lilybusiness had a real rough day while I cleaned, chored & packed. Ima be workin at ye old Hard Luck tonight after 8, y’all come party #napseverywhere #friedchicken

My time out here is winding down to a close, y’all. I’m gonna miss the view, but not the lonely. Holler if you wanna slumber party before I move

MAN. What a stunningly beautiful evening. I was feelin about a quart low yesterday til I got to this party. Thanks, @caleandthe45s for hosting the best gotdam #tompetty #tribute I only wish y’all coulda played for like 3 more hours

#midgethebarcat don’t care for selfies or much for kisses but we out here

For those of you that ain’t on that bookface. Xo-JT

Wow y’all #midgethebarcat really let herself go 🤣 #fatass #itsonlybeenaweek #whatthehell

Welp, we made it home from vacation. Back to that grind! Hard Luck 12-8 today, y’all come drink whatever’s left after that proper rager of a party lassnight! If you want, I’ll show you my vacation photos. Lotsa creeper butt shots. Missed ya mmmmk

I’ve never understood how people take photos of their damn food. When that mess hits the table, I am ALL OFF UP IN IT. We took down a huge pile of meat & raw vegetables & left no man behind #goodworkjerks #aintnobodyplayin

It’s so bright out that all Wes could see in the frame was my big white butt. I told y’all it’s a beacon


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