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Kristian  I find a way out, through my eye 👁 Asbury Park, NJ @through_my_eye2 @f0cus_bnw@_through_my_eye_land

“I want to die and be brought back to fall in love with you all over again”

“It gives me time to think, and a reason not to”

“The only thing that was left was a song”

“You remind me how I’m desperately in need”

“I won’t take it away from myself”

“You’re gone but you never left”

“Even if we fall, we fall together”

“I’ll be right here when you’re ready”

“If I look too deep, I may fear what I find”

“Sometimes the way to happiness is through pain”

“We are exactly what we say we are”

“You told me life would be easier if I forgot... you were wrong”

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