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Haley Withers  Yogi, nomad, dreamer✨ Currently: Houston 🇺🇸 International Yoga Teacher, RYT 500🤸🏻‍♀️


Post teaching wiggles. Feeling the things. Swinging around. Playing and laughing. Puppy kisses and coffee. .
I've been asking my students this week, who are you when all the doubt falls away? Who are you when you stop telling yourself who you aren't? I've been meditating on this and letting my body wring it out in lots and lots of practice.
Dang, I do love this journey. .
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Woke up the morning swimming in love piles. My heart is mushy and gushy and flowing everywhere with all the birthday love. I couldn't help but wiggle and roll and flip and flop just trying to get out of bed. I want to stay in this warm love cocoon forever. You guys are my heros and I'm so ready to take on 25 🍾

Feeling alive and full on my first evening in Mexico City. I feel most myself when traveling and exploring. The outside edges of my comfort zone is where I thrive and re-Inspire myself. Do you have any suggestions for what to do and where to go and what to feed my belly while I'm here?

Rolling out of bed. Sweat pants on. Coffee in hand. Following the sensations. Finding home. Playing. Falling. Feeling. Mornings are my favourite time. .
Spent some time in my @practice.you journal this morning. Digging deep into myself. Writing my story. Seeking, searching, exploring. I've got my align oil defusing and I'm soaking up all these moments.
What did your morning look like?
And thanks @carlingnicole for the tune! 😍
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Because the soul is progressive, it never quite repeats itself, but in every act attempts the production of a new and fairer whole. [r.w.emerson]
Wiggling into this new year with an open heart and a playful spirit. Finding new moments and creating new futures. .
Allowing myself to dive deep and set intentions from the heart this year, rather than resolutions. Seeing who I am this moment and allowing the mysteries of the next to unfold in their time. .
Creatively feeling and digging and wiggling and unfolding. Allowing the intention to come from the inside out. Opening my heart wide open for the year to come, for the day to come and for the moment. Letting go of the past, receiving the present and being open to the future.
And the gifts just keep coming. Bubbling over from my heart. Humbled by this past year and so excited for the next. Happy 2018 friends ✨

Woke up at 4 to go teach this morning...only to realize I didn't have to teach this morning 😂 So, instead, I got to take two classes to warm this cold body right up! So thankful for the amazing studios here in Houston who keep taking my practice to the next level. And yay for plan changes! And yay for life!

We just arrived back from a visit to the grandparents and it was my first day practicing in my space again. I've spent the last several years traveling this beautiful planet and while I don't plan on ever stopping, I've come to appreciate the beauty of a physical space that I can call my own. When the mental space I've cultivated comes into contact with a physical space I can call my own, magic happens. I open up, body and mind. I can sit in stillness and wiggle my body all around. I'm so grateful for these couple of months I can spend here with my parents, grounding and cultivating and getting prepared for the next adventure.

Be fearless right now.
You have all you need to move through this.
As the year comes to a close, we are faced with a new year, a clean slate. We create new normals, let go of that which no longer serves us. We decide what we want to cultivate in the year ahead. But, what are we doing now. How can we stay so present in this time we tend to rush through? How can we be fully here in these moments, the in-between of you will? It's in these magical moments that the change happens, the change that allows us to do these big things we dream of doing. I challenge you to see this year through, to the very end. To sit in it and meditate on it and feel it all. ✨

Holy God is with us
Love is always born within.
Light will chase and find us.
Love is facing us again.
Happy Christmas Eve, friends. I hope it's merry and bright, full of love and light. You are all shining stars ✨

Open mind.
Open heart.
Open Spirit.
Yesterday, I listened to a beautiful podcast with @elenabrower inspiring us to free ourselves from the constant commentary in our minds and bodies to be able to see the light and abundance in everyone. I'm inspired and challenged to find that place to live from in which love fuels everything, where I no longer fuelled by fear.
Photo inspired by my favourite @ashagnite 😍

When you are being all serious and zen in your photos so your pup runs up and lays a big one on you 😍 This little guy brings so much joy to my life. So thankful for all the little things today like waking up, and dogs and teaching and jumpsuits and parents and juice! Oh how lovely is this life.

The pictures on this app definitely don't tell the whole story. This morning, as I tried to get a computer to work to transfer this photo to my phone, I lost it. The computer(s) wouldn't work, everyone who tried to help got on my nerves and I 'needed' it done so I could get on my mat. I completely allowed this platform to become the more important part of my practice but what good is it if I can't live yoga off the mat. Yoga teaches us to find space, to stay present and grateful for all that is now. If I could have taken a step back this morning, I would have seen my privilege for having two computers to work on, two amazing parents who wanted so badly to help, a body that moves, and a breath that works in my favour. I'm definitely far from perfect and this morning was just the wake up I needed. I'm so thankful for a practice that continually challenges me and forces me to go deeper, breath more, and love more. How can you stay more present with the now today?

Join me at Joy Yoga tonight 16:30 Flow & 18:00 Power to get present and to get sweaty 😍

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