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The Conjure  The Conjure is a Durm based safe space dance party that features & celebrates the magic of black & brown femmes, womxn, trans, & non binary folks 🌸💜🌸

We finally have @sarah2ill pullin up! Catch her and@her beats at the next Conjure! : "🌊🌊🌊 in the COMMENTS if you’re rocking with me! 🤟🏾
Blue Beam by Sarah, The Illstrumentalist, Str8 from the Beat Tape titled Conversations
📹: @techme0ut 🧢: @NoQuantize 👕: @NoQuantize

A black femme that deserves support and you can find her at the next Conjure........@ohwonderpuff: "; I never thought that I'd have something to call my own like Wonderpuff and I'm so honored we get to make organic sweets for really incredible hearts of North Carolina. With the love and support from our locals, we are able to ELEVATE to the next level of our small business. Yes, that's right, we're going to the moon baby, the moon! 🌟 inshaAllah PS- OUR GOFUNDME IS STILL GOING! LINK IN BIO 😁" #payblackwomen

RepostBy @oshunsweetnsour: "Thank you @tobaccobird65 !! You cannot microwave mastery🙏🏿🙏🏿 #wcw
Choosing a well-suited healer is the first step towards your healing because it requires listening to and trusting your own inner wisdom, not just someone else's words and/or credentials.

Notice how your body feels when you ask them about the experiences that have prepared them for their work.

Are they coming from drama and pain and chaos?

Plenty of people have walked lifetimes of fire and are still not initiated enough to be helpful and/or wise healers.

Are they coming from good books and sound theory with no actual time in the trenches?

Too many people are book smart and uninitiated. Do you really want to place your healing in their hands?

Develop discernment. Learn to listen to your gut + hear your intuition BEFORE giving your time, attention, energy and/or money to someone just because they call themselves a “healer”.

In turn, you will become a true powerhouse and better equipped healer yourself.
~ L'Erin Alta #becareful #protectyourenergy #charlatans #impostersineffect #healers #lineage #trustyourgut #askquestions #everythingthatglittersaintgold #foolsgold #stayhumble #keeplearing"

The Conjure is the place where the magic of black womyn and femmes is celebrated! Come celebrate with us on August 31st from 10-2 at @the_pinhook! We have @jadesoba @its_akeria @9ineteen_beats @sarah2ill @gemynii & @selahsay bringing you good music all night! Tag a black femme who might enjoy a night with us!!!

RepostBy @its_akeria: "Tickets are now available!!! Grab them
from the @_tspresents bio or TSP website! www.tianasuttonpresents.com
Tickets are $10!
When: August 25 7-9pm, doors open @ 6pm.
Where: Sonorous Road Theatre & Film Studio. 3801 Hillsborough Street #Suite 113 Raleigh, NC 27607
Naked: adj. | na·ked : devoid of customary or standardized covering.
The Naked Truth is an artistic performance that aims to evoke thought surrounding social, economic, and polit
ical issues through various art forms. This show brings awareness to major topics such as healthy relationships, mental health, violence, etc. while incorporating many of Raleigh/Durham’s top local artists Presented by Tiana Sutton, Director of Tiana Sutton Presents, @_tspresents. . .
Any questions or concerns, please contact @_tspresents.
TSP Staff: Tiana Sutton, Director of TSP @_tspresents
Martez Dominique, Model Coordinator @aruheels
Christina Perkins, Operations Specialist @CMDPerkins .

RepostBy @brittanyabennett: "Today is #BlackWomensEqualPayDay. This day marks the number of extra days into 2018 Black women would have to work to earn what our white male counterparts earned in 2018. Black women make $0.63 on average for every dollar a white man makes. We deserve equal pay for the work we do.
And shoutout to @gemynii for leading this #PayBlackFemmes movement ✊🏾."" (via #Quick reposter @AppsKottage)

Mark your calendars and get your sage and booties ready because THE CONJURE is in full effect on the last day of the month with performances by @jadesoba @9ineteen_beats @sarah2ill @its_akeria @selahsay & @gemynii. The party is from 10-2a at @the_pinhook. Must be 21 to have fun. $8 cover.

RepostBy @cosmosisstones: "I've been busy crafting...

Rose Quartz and Zoisite In Ruby Earrings!

These have sold!

#Rosequartz is a stone of the #heart, a Crystal of Unconditional Love. It carries a soft #feminine energy of compassion and #peace, tenderness and healing, #nourishment and comfort.

Ruby in Zoisite offers the energy of #happiness, #appreciation, #abundance, #vitality and #growth. It stimulates the heart and helps one to open to #divine l#ove. Zoisite
helps to alleviate grief, anger, despair and defeat, and it is a #powerful stone for #deep healing by #activating the body's defences and #healing mechanisms."

RepostBy @black_boi_magick: "The infamous Goddess cackle heard round the world.
No retrograde formed against you shall prosper.
Actually, to be fair and to be quite honest, it's more like your own energy, ya own baggage, fears, skeletons, ya own repressed &/or ignored feelings, Saturn & karma, etc. coming to the surface.
But I mean, by all means. You can still blame it on the planets doing what they do or whatever, lol.

It's that extra backwards feeling time of the season where the past comes crawling.
Don't answer that phone call. Don't reply to that text...I know there may be some serious history, the head may be bomb asf, the D is Lucifer grade and her pu$$y may just be magical and able to transport your ass to Narnia...but, what that soul do?

More importantly, how does that soul, treat your soul?

Respect is just the minimum. We teach people how to treat us. What we agree to tells us a lot about the agreements we have made with ourselves and to the degree, in that which we love ourselves.
You know what you deserve.
Be like Eartha.
Video Creator: @Black_Boi_Magick
Audio: Kelsey Pyro: FUQUE A Compromise featuring Eartha Kitt
#alsoblockhim #blockthem #itssummertime
#retrogradeseason #eclipseseason #allthethings #witchinandbitchin #witches #goddess #earthakitt #diosa #brujas"

Sending a big thank you to all that came out to our pop up dance party FREAKQUENCY featuring @mothermary999, @thelionkueen, and @gemynii. Be sure to follow and support or artists as well as our amazing venders @ohwonderpuff, @anahinaturalslc, and @jackklaurenart!!! #supportlocalart #payblackfemmes

Tomorrow night we rockin out with @thelionkueen!!! Pull up with us at @the_pinhook from 10-2.

Be sure to check out our vendors for vendors tomorrow! They are bringing cotton candy (@ohwonderpuff), art (@jackklaurenart), and hand made waist beads (@anahinaturalslc) #payblackfemmes

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