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Toshina Banerjee  What's the need to write a bio when you're gonna make up your own perception about me👅 💜Amour propre💫 🔥 Snap👻Toshina567👅

I don't dress up to impress man👅🙈I dress up to irritate other women❤😗

Sorry honey❤ sarcasm falls outta mie mouth just like stupid falls from yours👅💕


❤If your guy isn't your biggest fan then rethink ur decision🔥✌ ❤

_Don't tell your daughter what to wear?👅
Tell your son not to stare👀💖

Your value doesn't decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth👻💙




Sometimes when the people you love hurt you the most.💔It's better to stay quiet😷 because, if your love wasn't enough😅do you think your words will matter?👅💕

_I don't have a habit of arguements with those bitches i look better than😂👅❤

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