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Tess Roser  This started out as a lazy cyber diary. Turned into graveyard of mostly selfies that don't make it to my other IG. ➡@Mowgli_tesla


I'm pretty sure I've overdone my quota of pre-wedding countdown posts, but I'm just so darned excited to not only marry @kirrenthompson but finally live in the same state and not have a Skype relationship. Plus 18 is my fave number. So... **18 DAYS TO GO UNTIL YOURE LEGALLY MINE TO RIP OFF YOUR HILARIOUS BEANNIES**

The last of the light before a freezing cold night of -9°C

Fresh tracks, near camp

Driving through fresssssssh snow got us excited for the backcountry

@daniellegoesadventuring cruusing some Telemark turns in the late afternoon golden light on the #HAOwomen backcountry trip

What a wonderful weekend, with a wonderful bunch of adventurous women!! The #HAOwomen backcountry ski trip was more than a success, with perfect conditions and the best darned deep powder I've ever seen in Australia!!

When you still have no furniture in your house, but you have your new hiking mattress, a snuggly blanket and a tv not connected to anything...

Return of Sven.
Sven loved downhill skiing so much he wanted to keep doing it on the drive home.

When ya dad's the big 5-0 and goes downhill skiing for the first time, and nails the terrain park jumps on the first day, and catches up to you on black runs on the second day.
I wish I got your genes for sporting abilities dad!

Getting ready for a whirlwind weekend of too much driving, not enough sleep and mooouuunnntttaaaaiiinnsss

Emergency psychiatry week has clearly been rivetting. This is what I've achieved today. That and reading the DSM-V

@kirrenthompson bought himself a present for my passing my long case exams. Apparently the stress was real for him.
Now I have a shiny new coffee machine in my new home. Anyone wants coffee, come on by

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