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Valerie Dew  💍 @b_dew_powerlifting 🙏🏼 Believer 💪🏼 SHW International Elite USPA Powerlifter 💪🏼 Classic Raw 🏋🏻‍♀️ 475/280/551 Total: 1307 Coach: Gracie Davis

Happy 32nd birthday to the love of my life! I’m so glad that you were born. We’ve fought so hard for every bit of happiness we’ve got and there’s really no one I’d rather fight beside. You are my true swolemate! I can’t wait to celebrate your birthday this year and many years to come. You’ve worked so hard to be a better husband, dad, and person. And I’m so proud. Your boys love you so much and so do I! You’ll get all the snuggles and lovin’ later! 🍆👌🏼💁🏻🎂 I tenacify you, boo bear! 🤣😍❤️ @b_dew_powerlifting #swolemates #birthdayboy #birthday #October

My sweet son, It’s after 9:30 p.m. and I’m watching you get some of your weekly homework packet done. Dad is helping you when you get stuck. I’m just in awe of you. You haven’t even taken off your football pads from practice. We only had an hour after school before we had to leave again. And you had promised your brother you’d play with him. We told you that meant you’ll have to do your homework AFTER practice. You said it was fine. And now I watch you sounding out words you don’t know and you’re having such a great attitude about it. I’m so proud of you and who you are becoming. You’re working so hard each day, with school and football. Some days have been rough, but you’ve always managed them with a smile. I just want to remember this moment. Because, watching you, I know this is only the beginning of your student-athlete life and you have a long ways to go. You’ll endure late nights, early mornings, and before we know it, you’ll be off to college. So I just wanted to stop and breathe this moment in. Because I don’t want to forget moments like this when you’re older and off to do great things in this world. I want to be able to close my eyes and recall this late night, homework session with you’re dad. Because it may seem hard and tiresome now, but I know I’ll want it back a million times when you’re living away from home. I am just so proud to be your mom, kid. So proud. #koa #warrior #family #boymom #football

I posted this on Facebook when it happened, but I wanted to share it here too! @b_dew_powerlifting and I have been talking to Koa extensively about leadership. And how the best way to lead is to be the hardest worker there is and to encourage your teammates as much as you can. We’ve told him positive leadership will get him everywhere. When we talked about what that looks like, we talked about looking back after he finished his “snake” sprinting drill and see who needs him to run out and do extra work to help encourage them. We talked to him about it weeks ago, and as the youngest person on his football team, he was a bit intimidated. He thought he may get in trouble and he said he was kind of nervous to do it. But on Wednesday, my boy stepped up. He finishes this drill first or second EVERY time they run. So he looked back and saw one of his lineman struggling, and he went and ran extra with him. Not once, not twice, but three times! And the third time he did, two of the team captains (the oldest boys on his team) followed him. We were SO proud. I honestly teared up! At 7-years-old, he’s getting it. God has such amazing things in store for our boy. He has the biggest heart and he’s so talented. I’ve just been in awe of him lately. We love you, Koa! And we know you’ll be an amazing leader! @theellenshow #football #boymom #sportsfamily #fitfam #sports #elcajonfalcons8U #fitspo #leadership #futureheismanwinner #nfl #youthsports #sportsmanship #theellenshow

This time is going by so fast. When I think of myself waving goodbye to my boys as they go off to college, I feel like THESE are the moments I’ll think of. These are the moments that will get me through missing their faces in my hallways. I won’t think of the times we were all dressed up for family pictures. I’ll think of the day Kai was practicing tying his shoes in the kitchen while I was doing laundry. I’ll think of the little band-aids he put on his own knee because he’s too independent to let me do it. I’ll think of the look of determination on his face as he loops the laces together. I won’t care that there’s a huge pile of laundry in the foreground, or that the lighting wasn’t just right. I’ll remember how proud I was of him for getting baby wipes to clean his new shoes. And how determined he was to learn to tie them. These are the moments I want to capture. These are the images I want adorning the walls of our home. Images that flood my mind full of memories that make me smile. As a momma, this is my life and this is what I want to capture. I’m so thankful for photography and all it allows me to do! @b_dew_powerlifting #boymom #sandiego #photographer #photography #fitfam #shoes #kids #specialmoments #thisislife #lifestyle #real #adidas #adidasshoes @adidas

I can’t handle the cuteness. Their styles are so different! Kai is my fashion forward kid and Koa JUST lives the football life ... what can ya do?! @b_dew_powerlifting #boymom #sportsfamily #boys #backtoschool #newhaircuts #shoppingtime

I’m super excited for my hubby to compete at #bossofbosses5 in a couple of weeks! Even though I’m shooting a wedding 📸 and can’t be there, I’ll have my crew sending me regular updates. I know he will do amazing! #hisbiggestfan #dcspack #powerlift #powerlifter #powerliftingmotivation #bossofbosses #sandiego #fitness #liftheavy #powerlifting

No matter how much success I’ve had in sports ... nothing compares to the feeling of watching your baby’s success. This boy has surpassed all our expectations when it comes to his commitment to football. He’s 7 and he’s already asking @b_dew_powerlifting to help him study his plays. He has been blessed with speed (we still aren’t sure where it came from! 🤣🤣) and he finishes sprints first and goes back to run with his teammates. He’s amazing. He’s still learning and has a long way to go. But he’s a good sport, a hard worker, and committed. We couldn’t ask for more. #hecaughtit #futuredcspack #nfl #herehecomes #in14years #football #fitness #family #boymom #sportsfamily #fitfam

That look you give when you get your invite to the @kernusopen and you’re NOT getting second place this time ... I’m coming for you @powerprenzs haha! @island_randi see you there, boo! #powerlift #powerlifter #powerlifting #shw #kernusopen2019 #sandiego

Oh my sweet boy! I may have had to work today but I was thinking about how lucky I am to be your momma ALLLLL day. You march to the beat of your own drum and make no apologies for it. You love food, Octonots, food, swimming, football, Jesus, food, your family, reading, drawing, cuddling, and food. I love watching your little mind work. You bring us such joy. Happy birthday you amazing boy. You are truly the light of our lives! @b_dew_powerlifting #boymom #birthdayboy #four #babyboy #kaicannon #independent #family

I couldn’t get this smile off his face if I wanted to! On our way to his second conditioning football practice and he can’t stop smiling. He loves it SO MUCH. This seriously makes my heart melt! My heart is so full watching Koa demonstrate all the things we’ve been trying to put in his head since he was born: Put God first, Be the hardest worker on the field, eat healthy, drink water, encourage your teammates, be a leader, learn all you can, listen to your coaches, and just be a good person. He’s competitive and works his butt off. His coach told us last night that the boys may want to quit because it’s so hard ... but Koa has been training on his own for many months. So he leaves practice with this same smile on his face! He’s prepared and super in shape. No wanting to quit from this kid. I can only imagine what God has for Koa in sports. He can DEW anything through Christ, and he knows that! That’s my biggest accomplishment, by far. I’m so blessed to be his momma! @b_dew_powerlifting #dcspack #fitfam #boymom #football #footballlife #likefatherlikeson

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