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Taylor Shantell  📍preferably CAMELOT , or just somewhere pretty | THE PRINCESS OF CAMELOT 🥀👑

We've been blessed with gems 💘💘💘 @glassanimals

Issa Dylan (@dylanminnette)
Issa back
It's a Dylan's back (Kudos if you know the original jingle) [#throwback to being at @roughtradenyc
In April 🤣]

as some wise lords of portugal once said - #liveinthemoment

‼️‼️. SOPHISTICATED MANIPULATED .‼️‼️ \\\ #ipanixatthedisco occasionally

damn Taylor, back at it again with the sunglasses!!! Jk. But who wants a #cover ? Cuz I got one cooking🤢

"And some would like it best if they're headed for your chest
But I just wanna talk again tonight
And some would be okay, just washing you away
But I don't wanna do that anymore
'Cause it's real"
-@wallowsmusic (@colepressston @braedenlemasters @dylanminnette )
#relatablelyrics 😥

falling in love with yourself.
Guys, this will always be the next best thing. Though it should always be the first and best thing.

"Getting hard to sleep
Blood is in my dreams
Love is killing me
Trying to figure it out"
- @royalblooduk

I followed her - running for ten blocks
Until her security finally told me to back off.
@mystical_goddess_ I'm sorry That I was stalking you. I just wanted an autograph I'm just lucky I got this video with her guys 😫
#celeb #celebrities #celebrity #imnotastalkeriswear

"Oh! Carol, I am but a fool
Darling, I love you, though you treat me cruel
You hurt me and you make me cry
But if you leave me, I will surely die"

#tbt Major throwback?

"Sometimes you can see the lack of intent. And maybe that just might help you cut them some slack. Help you to rewind and repack. Reorganize all of that. But somehow keep it all stacked" -Taylor Shantell

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