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IT’S A BYOC PARTY [Bring Your Own Constitution]
If the elections in Karnataka showed us anything, it’s that we should all be afraid. Very afraid. Also, please start a #freetahska campaign if I am put in jail because of this. #freedomofspeech #acchedin

2 / 3 [Mag Phos / Timestamps]
Just released a 4 track EP titled ‘Timestamps’ with my new project @mag_phos after over 3 years of writing, deliberation and, almost, self sabotage. Mag Phos is a space for collective introspection, fading dreams and learnings from the human condition. Give it a spin! Link in bio / soundcloud.com/magphos. (Sorry about the 3 post spam / needed to grid this in my timeline)

[Mistakes / Again] #livelearn #cycles

[Converging alternate realities]
#minimal #converge #oftheafternoon #ifyouleave #minimalize #trip #vengurla

[ Stuck in a moment ]
#capoeira #goa

Light-painting of a series of Capoeira movements and flips in long exposure / with @frogpopsicle
#capoeira #goa #lightpainting #longexposure

[ inLimbo ]
05012018 / A study in motion #capoeira #goa

[Inside Out x Sassoon Dock Art Project x 3]

Initially It was tough to gain the trust of the locals. Many journalists, photographers and foreigners had come before me and misrepresented the people, focussing only on things like the lack of hygiene and the indoctrination of children into the micro-economy, even though the space was about so much more. A typical post Steve McCurry effect - Poverty Porn for the western audiences I call it. My attempt would have to be more substantive.

Through my life I have followed a Gonzo approach for my work. I try and immerse myself in the story to truly understand its context to tell the story. So I spent many days at the dock speaking to people and getting a sense of the space and the context through them. I got in touch with local community leaders who became my gateway into their extremely layered world. This place had many socio-cultural realities that started becoming clearer as I spent more time with the locals.
Through the conversations with the community leaders, it emerged that the space was primarily inhabited by 3 communities - The Koli Fishermen, The Banjaras and The Hindu Marathas. They became the focus of our project at Sassoon Dock. (Continued)
#sassoondockartproject #insideoutproject #artforall #startmumbai

[Inside Out x Sassoon Dock Art Project x 2]

The @insideoutproject at Sassoon Dock was about the people of Sassoon - the invisible mass of people who are amongst the earliest settlers of Bombay.

Sassoon dock has a 142 year old history and has been the main source of most of the city’s fish. The fishermen and women communities of the dock are the ones who have worked there tirelessly for over a century, toiling behind the scenes as an invisible lifeline of the city.

Through the project the hope was to shed light on the faces behind Sassoon Dock to celebrate their lives, livelihoods and contribution to the city.

In the city of Bollywood, where one usually has to be a celebrity or a famous person to be on a large size poster, the representation of the everyday workers of Sassoon Dock was a way of acknowledging their immense value, in the very space they inhabit daily, while also recognising them as real stars, in the city of stars.
#sassoondockartproject #insideoutproject #artforall #startindia

[Inside Out x Sassoon Dock Art Project x 1]
Spent the last two months immersed in Sassoon Dock in Bombay, not only for our @startindia Mumbai festival, but also to try and pull off the largest and most challenging project I have personally ever done. This is the @insideoutproject at Sassoon Dock
#insideoutproject #sassoondockartproject #startindia

Loop and Installation (swipe to see) I made for the Sassoon Dock Art Project that comprises of an aquarium, live fish and a phone that plays the loop while immersed underwater. The exhibition is open till end of december. Come by. @startindia

We’re all hooked. Spending most our waking lives looking down at a screen in complete submission. As we continue to indulge in our lifestyles, our wants turn into must haves and we become slaves to our desires and the notion of social currency. We crave for things which aren’t essential for sustenance, instead stretching ourselves thin for things we don’t need. In the sea of capitalism, we become the fish - a commodified version of a living being.

Also, the fish is the main protagonist at Sassoon Dock. It is the central source of the entire micro-economy of the dock. They are the real heroes, even dying for the cause. Yet everyone here, from the sellers to the buyers only sees them dead, never alive. So the Fish in the aquarium is symbolic of all the fish that are sold at the dock, but are rarely seen alive and is a way to celebrate their existence and value. #subvert #capitalism #sassoonlyf #installation #videoart #gif #sassoondockartproject

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