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Stewie  Victory or Valhalla⬛️⬜️

Another WWII Nazi Germany coin. Thanks again to the homie @colonel_bourbon

I made enough money to buy Miami but I pissed it away so fast. Grew up on his music and I still love it. #secondjimmybuffettattoo #livewiretattoo thank you @jarvistattooer80

Finished the lettering. Now it's done. Ex one to the next one. #livewiretattoo

More P.R. Flash. On to the next one. #livewiretattoo

Start to finish, one day! Done with another Paul Rogers sheet! #livewiretattoo #practicepracticepractice

Paul Rogers sheet number 2 is done and done. #livewiretattoo

Done and done with one of the Paul Rogers sheets. #livewiretattoo #11x14

Pandora has jokes today. This is going to suck. Thank Odin for rain suits and bubble shields. #floridasummers

Next up on the chopping block. #merica #livewiretattoo

Little guy rode with me to and from lunch. He was saying something about I would save 15% or more by switching to Geico. #lizardking

I was wondering why my tire went flat. #nailedit

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