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Stan Marsh  ε―ζ„›γ„ι›ŒηŠ¬ πŸ₯ Super Kawaii πŸ₯ SingleπŸ’” πŸ₯ Straight as a rainbow πŸ₯ [bisexualπŸ˜‰]


Omfg I'm so inactive πŸ˜…

#stanxkyle #kylexstan

Whomp! I'm back :D
I kind of got back two days ago...
But whatever

I'll miss you all in going on vacation with my nana and I won't be on for ten days I may come on when we get wifi

Whoop whoop got a hair cut!!!
Whoop whoop I hate my hair cut *sobs*

"Wh-what the hell Kenny?" Stan muttered "knock it off Kenny!" Stan heard Kyle hiss. Stan glanced over at Kyle wit hated face "I don't know what he's talking about..." Stan muttered avoiding eye contact

Stan sighed sadly sitting on the ground his friend comforting him Stan had just got out of a relationship with Wendy "why do I always come back to her" Stan muttered holding back tears "I'm such an idiot"

Stan stood outside as snow began to drizzle down he walked over to a store and purchased a gallon of milk by the time the raven haired boy got out their was a blizzard leaving him stranded "damn it" stan muttered "now how will I get home" he grumbled beginning to walk spotting //you// in the blizzard as well

Anybody want to rp I'm fucking bored out of my damn mind ;~; #southpark #sp #southparksp #southparkroleplay #sproleplay #sprp #stan #stanmarsh #myedit #crappyedit #bored

Actual real life photo of admin

Damn it craig!

#stenny #kennyxstan #stanxkenny

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