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shaMEIKAharris, M.B.A.  🇵🇭🕊💤🍕🏋🏽‍♀️🎨✈️💙 I travel for love, food, & art. GymRat & Foodie, does that make sense? Elite Yelper | Project Manager Virginia Beach, VA & Houston, TX

April 26, 2013 | FIVE yearZ in the game. To my girLS, i love y'all. The memories that we share together from the long hours we put in and making a difference on our campus will forever be embodied in my heart. I can't get over the fact that we have grown so much and becoming successful in our own way. To Zeta, thank you on pushing me to change for the better and to help me find my worth within myself. ALL HAIL SPRING 12, but SPRING 13 is forever the GOAT *does rain dance*. #zetaphibeta #Zetaversary #BetaUp #VWC #SPRANGthirsteen #PEARLyears

D’Feast | Banana Foster french toast (topped with bananas, smothered in warm bananas foster sauce) , 3 eggs scrambled with american cheese, corn beef hash, with home style fries. #slhfoodcam

We have been strong since ‘05 & I cant believe you’re about to be a mommy to another beautiful baby girl. Caleya Codi will be blessed and surrounded with love. Congratulations to you and Cody. I love y’all. Only 24 days left! 💕#BookRachelForYourEvents #SikeNah #ShesGoingToBeBusy #WowSuchAHotMama #YallSeeMyGodBaby #CamilleIsSoBigNow

New BabieZ in my chapppaaaa ! @by_zetaphibeta 💙 Zetaversary Thursday, the DoveZ next Fridaaaay 😏💙OKUUUUR. @slh.artwork #slhartwork #vablueandwhite #vaZetas #VWU

Happy Belated Birthday to my Coach “Dad” @be.nu.fit, the biggest doughnut lover I know. He loves them like I love pizza. Thanks for always pushing me to be better than I was the day before. Trust the Process. So does this mean I don’t have to do burpees the rest of the week? 🍩✊🏽 I think yes. #sikeIgottaPayForThisPastWeekend #PleaseSendHelp #slhfoodcam

Your answer to the “Woodchuck Riddle”. | No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man #ARoomMadeOfWood

Chicken Philly & shrimp with the works & the special legacy sauce .. with a side of parmesan garlic crab fries. #slhfoodcam

No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man

Life’s a Gamble, Take a Chance 🎲✨

Lunching spread with my God Brother | Yéro Plate, Salads, Tabbouleh, Pizza, and the hidden Chickpeas. #slhfoodcam #CheersToTheWeekend #WeekendGetaway #IDoHaveMealPrep #ButIHavePlannedCheats #YesCheatWithALetterS #bondingbonding

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